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Aquafarmers on the front lines

Many of the world's future farmers will likely be farming oceans, as aquaculture—the cultivation of fish and other aquatic species—continues its expansion as the fastest growing food sector. New research shows that in ...

dateSep 10, 2018 in Ecology
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Optimism trumps despair at climate summit

Mayors, governors, entrepreneurs, CEOs, investors and celebrities delivered a double-edged message Friday at the close of a climate summit in San Francisco: global warming is making the planet unliveable—but we know how ...

dateSep 15, 2018 in Environment
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Why was Hurricane Lane so unpredictable?

Hawaii's Big Island is experiencing severe flooding as of Friday morning, leaving many surprised or unprepared, as the path of Hurricane Lane was looking unpredictable earlier in the week. Why can these storms be so hard ...

dateAug 25, 2018 in Environment
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