Timely action needed to meet climate targets

The Paris Agreement of the UN climate change conference is deemed a historic step for climate protection, but its success depends on rapid implementations. The consequences of delaying global CO2 emission reductions for the ...

Panama jungle island is nerve center for climate researchers

In a manmade lake in the Panama Canal sits an island whose compact jungle is teeming with researchers studying biodiversity and climate change—a tropical outcrop hailed as vital for understanding the world's forests.

Greenland's icy homage to UN climate change conference

A mass of ice harvested from Greenland is on its way to Paris where it will be installed on the Place de la Republique to mark the UN Climate Change Conference, organisers said Wednesday.

EU emissions down 23 percent, passing 2020 target

The European Union, the world's No. 3 greenhouse gas polluter, says its emissions fell 4 percent last year, meaning the 28-nation bloc has already surpassed its target for 2020.

World urged to make clean energy cheaper than coal

Top environmental advocates on Wednesday urged the international community to increase and coordinate investments in research and development for renewable energy to make it cheaper than coal within 10 years.

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