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How air pollution is making life tougher for bugs

Whether you love them or loathe them, we all depend on bugs. Insects help to pollinate three-quarters of the world's crop varieties, making them a treasured resource.

Heat-stressed fish embryos can induce stress in nearby embryos

Heat-stressed fish embryos release chemical signals that change the appearance, behavior, and development of fish embryos that were not heat stressed, according to a study. Stress during development can change how an embryo ...

Analyzing the fat of killer whales reveals what they eat

Scientists are studying the diets of the ocean's top predators as they change in response to their environments. This is because how much and what they eat can affect how ecosystems function.

Imaging human cells: New method enables clear, precise look inside

It's why Jaws swam out of sight for more than an hour, and it hints at the glamor of giftwrap. In movie theaters, living rooms, and even labs, the thrill of the unseen can be counted on to keep us guessing. But when it comes ...

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