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Prosocial CEOs increase company value, stakeholder satisfaction

From Twitter under Elon Musk to the layoffs at technology companies, chief executive officers are more visible than ever. Their choices are publicized and scrutinized, affecting employees, customers and society at large.

Charismatic CEOs lead to higher IPO prices

The perception and negotiation abilities of more charismatic CEOs result in higher IPO prices and smaller offer price ranges for their firms, according to new research published in the Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal. ...

New study describes how employee opinion impacts CEO dismissal

Corporate governance decisions, like CEO dismissal, can disrupt organizations. As a result, the board of directors treads with caution while making such decisions. Previous research suggests that boards rely on factors like ...

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Chief executive officer

A chief executive officer (CEO) or chief executive is one of the highest-ranking corporate officers (executives) or administrators in charge of total management. An individual selected as president and CEO of a corporation, company, organization, or agency, reports to the board of directors. In internal communication and press releases, many companies capitalize the term and those of other high positions, even when they are not proper nouns.

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