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Vampire bats give a little help to their 'friends'

Vampire bats could be said to be sort of like people—not because of their blood-sucking ways, but because they help their neighbors in need even if it's of no obvious benefit to them.

Captive lion breeding in South Africa: the case for a total ban

A new report by global NGO, World Animal Protection, provides a damning indictment on the captive predator breeding industry. Big cats are being bred for the use of their bones in traditional Chinese medicine. China is estimated ...

Significant milestone in whooping crane recovery

This week marks a significant milestone in the conservation and recovery of the endangered whooping crane. On March 11 and 13, the U.S. Geological Survey's Patuxent Wildlife Research Center transferred its last two cranes ...

India's 'granny' elephant dies aged 88

An Asian elephant believed to be the oldest ever in captivity has died aged 88 in the southern Indian state of Kerala, officials said Thursday.

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