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New way to target 'undruggable' molecules involved in cancer

For decades, cancer researchers have longed for a way to target a set of proteins called transcription factors. While we've long known that tumors use these proteins to grow out of control, their unique configurations meant ...

Study develops new way of identifying cancer cells

A new method of separating cancer cells from non-cancer cells has been developed by researchers at the Wellcome Sanger Institute, in a boost for those working to better understand cancer biology using single-cell mRNA sequencing.

Biologists track DNA 'parasites' in the hunt for disease treatments

They are considered "parasitic genes." Even though they comprise over half of human DNA, much remains to be learned about them. Now University of California, Irvine biologists offer new insights into these entities known ...

Small molecule prevents tumour cells from spreading

Leiden chemists, together with colleagues at the University of York (UK) and Technion (Israel) have discovered a small, sugar-like molecule that maintains the integrity of tissue around a tumor during cancer. This molecule ...

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