Male treefrogs get the jump on rivals

The inconsistent sexual signals of male treefrogs have made it more difficult for females to find a quality mate, according to a new study by a researcher at The University of Western Australia.

Present-day dogs defy the domestication syndrome

Across a wide range of domesticated animals the same morphological, physiological and behavioural traits appear to change together in a non-random way. For instance, many domesticated animals have white patterns in their ...

Genetics expertise could transform fish production

The potential of fish and shellfish production to feed a growing global population could be significantly enhanced through advances in genetics and biotechnology, researchers have said.

Anxieties and problematic behaviors may be common in pet dogs

Anxieties and behaviour problems may be common across dog breeds, according to a study published in Scientific Reports. The findings suggest that noise sensitivity is the most common anxiety trait, followed by fear.

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