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Birds have time-honored traditions, too

What makes human cultural traditions unique? One common answer is that we are better copycats than other species, which allows us to pass our habits and ways of life down through the generations without losing or forgetting ...

date3 hours ago in Plants & Animals
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Study examines how pathogens affect bird migration

Whether long-distance animal migration facilitates or hampers pathogen transmission depends on how infections affect the routes and timing of migrating hosts. In a Journal of Zoology study, investigators have found that haemosporidians—blood ...

dateJun 06, 2018 in Ecology
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For flickers, looks can be deceiving

The North American woodpeckers known as "flickers" stand out for their distinctive wing and tail feathers of bright reds or yellows, and for their rampant interbreeding where these birds of different colors meet in the Great ...

dateJun 06, 2018 in Plants & Animals Ecology
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