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New study reveals oceanic seabirds chase tropical cyclones

A new study published today in Current Biology, "Oceanic Seabirds Chase Tropical Cyclones," reveals that the rare Desertas Petrels (Pterodroma deserta), a wide-ranging seabird in the North Atlantic, exhibit unique foraging ...

Beryl sets off alarm bells among hurricane experts

This year, hurricane season has taken off with a ferocious, ominous start thanks to Beryl—the earliest Category 5 hurricane ever recorded, with winds topping out at 165 mph. Beryl bulldozed the Caribbean, made its way through ...

Hurricane Beryl kills seven as it churns towards Jamaica

Hurricane Beryl churned towards Jamaica Tuesday, with forecasters warning of potentially deadly winds and storm surge, after the storm killed at least seven people and caused widespread destruction across the southeastern ...

Eight killed after Beryl sweeps across US

At least eight people were killed in the southern United States after storm Beryl felled trees and caused heavy flooding, before being downgraded to a post-tropical cyclone on Tuesday.

Texas hunkers down as Hurricane Beryl approaches

Beryl strengthened to a hurricane before hitting the southern US state of Texas on Monday, where some residents were evacuated over warnings of flooding and power outages.

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