Inciting instead of coercing: "Nudges" prove their effectiveness

Developed by the American economist Richard Thaler in the late 2000s, the theory behind "nudging" theory is based on the principle that our choices are not only determined by our ability to reason, but are also influenced ...

Lethal pulsing inside pyroclastic surges

Pyroclastic surges are lethal hazards from volcanoes that exhibit enormous destructiveness through large dynamic pressures of 100–102 kilopascal inside flows that are capable of obliterating reinforced buildings. These ...

New research calls for hybrid working to be more sustainable

The increase in the amount of hybrid working post-pandemic—where office-based employees work remotely for part of the week—needs to be more sustainable, according to a new study from experts based at The University of ...

Blue mussel habitat is decreasing

During the last 10 to 15 years, blue mussels in shallow waters on Sweden's west coast have largely disappeared. Observations and reviews of studies and reports indicate that climate change may be behind the change.

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