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In soil, death doesn't stop the spread of antibiotic resistance

Dead bacteria can still make their presence felt in the land of the living. New research led by Michigan State University integrative biologists is showing that this could have big implications for antibiotic resistance on ...

Peering into the structure of antibiotic resistance

Michigan State University's Ben Orlando is a structural biologist who studies some of nature's smallest machines, sees how they are put together and figures out how they work. He's currently focused on proteins that bacteria ...

TB antibiotic activity impacted by cell pH

Researchers at the Francis Crick Institute have shown that an antibiotic used to treat tuberculosis (TB) is affected by pH levels in the environment the bacteria has infected.

New vaccine takes aim at koala chlamydia

A world-first nanoparticle vaccine against chlamydia is now safe to use for the thousands of koalas admitted for treatment in wildlife hospitals across Australia, say University of the Sunshine Coast researchers.

'Living medicine' created to treat drug-resistant infections

Researchers at the Centre for Genomic Regulation (CRG) and Pulmobiotics S.L have created the first 'living medicine' to treat antibiotic-resistant bacteria growing on the surfaces of medical implants. The researchers created ...

New options for sustainable antibiotic therapy

Public health is coming under increasing pressure worldwide due to the antibiotic crisis: the rapid increase in resistance of bacterial pathogens could mean that in the near future bacterial infections that are usually harmless ...

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