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Ground beneath Thwaites Glacier mapped for first time

The ground beneath Antarctica's most vulnerable glacier has been mapped for the first time, helping scientists to better understand how it is being affected by climate change. Analysis of the geology below the Thwaites Glacier ...

New map unlocks deep digital data of Antarctica's history

GeoMAP Antarctica, an open-access and comprehensive geological mapping database of Antarctica, was released May 18 in the journal Scientific Data. Understanding Antarctica's geosphere is, and has been, critical for understanding ...

The ice in Antarctica has melted before, says study

Sixty percent of the world's fresh water is bound up in Antarctic ice sheets. Thirty million cubic kilometers of ice is perhaps a difficult number to grasp. But if absolutely all Antarctica's ice melted, the seas would rise ...

Antarctic sea ice cover at record low

Sea ice in Antarctica shrank to the smallest area on record in February for the second year in a row, continuing a decade-long decline, the European Union's climate monitoring service said Tuesday.

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