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Hemp byproducts are good alternative feed for lambs, study finds

An Oregon State University study found that spent hemp biomass—the main byproduct of the cannabinoid (CBD) extraction process of hemp—can be included in lamb diets without any major detrimental effects to the health of ...

Contact between wild birds and backyard chickens is risky

Wild birds come into contact with backyard chicken flocks more frequently than people realize, creating a pathway for pathogens to transmit back and forth, according to new research from the University of Georgia. Such pathways ...

Proper titles for support animals

A study led by La Trobe University has proposed meaningful and consistent job titles for animals the world over who provide support for people.

New studies bolster theory coronavirus emerged from the wild

Two new studies provide more evidence that the coronavirus pandemic originated in a Wuhan, China market where live animals were sold—further bolstering the theory that the virus emerged in the wild rather than escaping ...

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