English rivers in 'desperate' state: report

English rivers are in a "desperate condition", campaigners warned on Monday in a report highlighting the growing impact of pollution on nation's waterways.

Report: Warmer planet will trigger increased farm losses

Extreme heat is already harming crop yields, but a new report quantifies just how much that warming is cutting into farmers' financial security. For every 1 degree Celsius of warming, yields of major crops like corn, soybeans ...

Fowl language: AI is learning to analyze chicken communications

Have you ever wondered what chickens are talking about? Chickens are quite the communicators—their clucks, squawks and purrs are not just random sounds but a complex language system. These sounds are their way of interacting ...

How can Europe restore its nature?

The "Nature Restoration Law" (NRL) requires member states of the EU to implement restoration measures on at least 20 percent of land and marine areas by 2030 and in all ecosystems in need of restoration by 2050. This includes ...

Kenyan court dismisses challenge over GM crops

A Kenyan court on Thursday dismissed a lawsuit challenging a government decision to allow the importation and cultivation of genetically modified crops to help combat its food crisis.

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