Facebook threat to Google grows in mobile

Just a year after Facebook started selling mobile ads, the social media giant has become a bigger threat to the dominant player in the space, Google Inc.

KU researcher develops predictive model for TV ad sales

It’s a common risk-versus-reward question in business: How much inventory should you pre-sell at a conservative price, and how much should you retain and try to sell later at a higher price?

Web-radio specialists reel in traditional-radio clients

Like Levi Strauss, who got rich selling goods to immigrants during the Gold Rush, the founders of Triton Digital are making their fortune by providing the technology to radio companies wanting to mine digital gold.

More ads coming to TV -- even to one-time havens

(AP) -- Coming soon to your TV: More advertising, in places you might not expect. The ads are showing up where people used to enjoy a break from advertising, such as video on demand and on-screen channel guides. Even TiVo, ...

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