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Staying together 'for kids' sake' isn't always best

( -- The research is clear: Adolescents tend to fare better -- academically and behaviorally -- when they live with both biological parents. But when their parents frequently argue, young adults are significantly ...

Is There a Relationship Between Facebook, Grades?

( -- News in mid-April of an unpublished study suggesting that college students' use of Facebook was related to lower college academic achievement probably sent more than a few parents reeling. Now a new study ...

Study Finds Link Between Facebook Use, Lower Grades in College

( -- College students who use Facebook spend less time studying and have lower grade point averages than students who have not signed up for the social networking website, according to a pilot study at one university.

Exploring the landscape of shadow education

The diverse forms of private tutoring range from one-to-one sessions to large lecture halls with video screens. Parents and students seek this supplement to gain a competitive edge in countries where academic achievement ...

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