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Astronomy May 22, 2019

Neptune's moon Triton fosters rare icy union

Astronomers using the Gemini Observatory explore Neptune's largest moon Triton and observe, for the first time beyond the lab, an extraordinary union between carbon monoxide and nitrogen ices. The discovery offers insights ...

Earth Sciences May 20, 2019

Gas insulation could be protecting an ocean inside Pluto

A gassy insulating layer beneath the icy surfaces of distant celestial objects could mean there are more oceans in the universe than previously thought. Computer simulations provide compelling evidence that an insulating ...

Space Exploration May 23, 2019

Lunar gold rush is about to start—and we could exhaust the solar system in less than 500 years

The US president, Donald Trump, has stuck to his plan to send humans back to the moon in the next five years, recently giving the project a US$1.6 billion shot in the arm. Whether he succeeds or not, the first successful ...

Space Exploration May 21, 2019

Astrobee's first robot completes initial hardware checks in space

NASA astronaut Anne McClain performs the first series of tests of an Astrobee robot, Bumble, during a hardware checkout. To her right is the docking station that was installed in the Kibo module on the International Space ...

Space Exploration May 21, 2019

Seven things we've learned about Ultima Thule, the farthest place visited by humans

About a billion miles more distant than Pluto is Ultima Thule, a peanut-shaped object in the outer solar system that's the farthest place ever visited by humans.

Space Exploration May 23, 2019

Of strawberry jelly and earthquakes: Space station investigation studies colloids

If you think your strawberry jelly is unrelated to earthquakes, think again.

Astronomy May 23, 2019

A unique experiment to explore black holes

What happens when two supermassive black holes collide? Combining the observing power of two future ESA missions, Athena and LISA, would allow us to study these cosmic clashes and their mysterious aftermath for the first ...

Condensed Matter May 22, 2019

Unexpected observation of ice at low temperature, high pressure questions water theory

Through an experiment designed to create a super-cold state of water, scientists at the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory used neutron scattering to discover a pathway to the unexpected formation of dense, ...

Space Exploration May 17, 2019

Lunar South Pole Atlas—a new online reference for mission planners

The Lunar and Planetary Institute (LPI), managed by Universities Space Research Association (USRA), has compiled and made available an atlas of the Moon's south pole. Given NASA's recent direction to implement Space Policy ...

Environment May 17, 2019

How Japan's renewables-powered Olympics could kick off a global race for clean energy

Japan is aiming to host the first Olympic Games powered solely by renewable sources. If successful, this could help the country carve a new niche in the global order as a champion of climate action and environmental protection ...

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