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Plasma Physics May 14, 2020

Topological waves may help in understanding plasma systems

Nearly 50 years ago, Brown University physicist Michael Kosterlitz and his colleagues used the mathematics of topology—the study of how objects can be deformed by stretching or twisting but not tearing or breaking—to ...

Nanomaterials May 14, 2020

Making quantum 'waves' in ultrathin materials

Wavelike, collective oscillations of electrons known as "plasmons" are very important for determining the optical and electronic properties of metals.

Bio & Medicine May 12, 2020

Silver nanocubes make point-of-care diagnostics easier to read

Engineers at Duke University have shown that nanosized silver cubes can make diagnostic tests that rely on fluorescence easier to read by making them more than 150 times brighter. Combined with an emerging point-of-care diagnostic ...

Nanomaterials May 07, 2020

High color purity 3-D printing

Selective powder sintering for 3-D printing has recently become an increasingly affordable solution for manufacturing made-to-order elements of almost any shape or geometry. This technique involves heating a bed of powder ...

Condensed Matter May 05, 2020

A new law for metamaterials

Metamaterials, which are engineered to have properties not found in nature, have long been developed and studied because of their unique features and exciting applications. However, the physics behind their thermal emission ...

General Physics May 05, 2020

Broadband enhancement relies on precise tilt

Quantum photonics involves a new type of technology that relies on photons, the elementary particle of light. These photons can potentially carry quantum bits of information over large distances. If the photon source could ...

Analytical Chemistry May 05, 2020

An artificial 'tongue' of gold to taste maple syrup

It's said that maple syrup is Quebec's liquid gold. Now scientists at Université de Montréal have found a way to use real gold—in the form of nanoparticles—to quickly find out how the syrup tastes.

Optics & Photonics May 04, 2020

Exciton resonance tuning of an atomically thin lens

Since the development of diffractive optical elements in the 1970s, researchers have increasingly uncovered sophisticated fundamental principles of optics to replace the existing bulky optical elements with thin and lightweight ...

Nanophysics Apr 27, 2020

Photonic metasurfaces provide a new playground for twistronics

Quantum optics, spintronics and diffraction-free imaging with low loss are among the technologies that may benefit from recently predicted effects in twisted bilayer photonic structures. The work takes inspiration from a ...

Optics & Photonics Apr 24, 2020

Researchers watch the dynamics of plasmonic skyrmions made from light on ultra-smooth gold platelets for the first time

The destructive force of a tornado occurs due to the extremely high rotational speeds in its center, which is called a vortex. Surprisingly, similar effects are predicted for light that travels along an atomically smooth ...

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