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Condensed Matter Sep 15, 2020

Predicting delayed instabilities in viscoelastic solids

It is presently challenging to determine the stability of viscoelastic structures since seemingly stable conformations may gradually creep (plastic deformation of a material under stress as a function of time) until their ...

Earth Sciences Jul 13, 2020

Using math formulas to predict earthquakes

A team of researchers at Lyell Centre in Edinburgh, has developed a way to use math formulas to help predict when an earthquake is likely to happen. In their paper published in Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth, ...

Nanomaterials Jul 29, 2020

3-D touchless interactive display detects finger humidity to change color

A novel three-dimensional (3-D) touchless interactive display can change color based on the distance of the user's finger from the screen by detecting subtle shifts in ambient relative humidity, according to a new study. ...

Nanophysics Aug 12, 2020

Enhanced liquid repellence through flexible microstructures

Artificial surfaces that can repel liquids have attracted significant attention across scientific and industrial platforms to create functional topological features. But the role of the underlying structures that are in contact ...

Condensed Matter Feb 24, 2016

Soft solids and the science of cake

Researchers hope that working out the behaviours of soft solids, which can act like either solids or liquids, may make for tastier cakes – and safer oil wells.

Earth Sciences Jun 30, 2015

Research redefines the properties of faults when rock melts

Geoscientists at the University of Liverpool have used friction experiments to investigate the processes of fault slip.

Mar 27, 2015

Swimming algae offer insights into living fluid dynamics

None of us would be alive if sperm cells didn't know how to swim, or if the cilia in our lungs couldn't prevent fluid buildup. But we know very little about the dynamics of so-called "living fluids," those containing cells, ...

Polymers Mar 07, 2016

Treeing it up: Research team documents design of wood-based polymers

Richard Wool was a pioneer in green engineering and author of the first book to systematically describe the chemistry and manufacture of bio-based polymers and composites derived from plants.

Materials Science Oct 26, 2015

Ants: Both solid-like and liquid-like

Collections of ants have a remarkable ability to change shapes and tasks based on the demands of their environment. When floodwaters hit, they self-assemble and form rafts to stay alive. They can also use their bodies to ...

Materials Science Jan 11, 2016

Self-adaptive material heals itself, stays tough

An adaptive material invented at Rice University combines self-healing and reversible self-stiffening properties.

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