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Paleontology & Fossils 12 hours ago

Garumbatitan: A new giant dinosaur in the Lower Cretaceous of the Iberian Peninsula

A new study describes a new sauropod dinosaur that lived in the Iberian Peninsula 122 million years ago. This new species of dinosaur, Garumbatitan morellensis, was described from remains discovered in Morella (Castelló, ...

Paleontology & Fossils 12 hours ago

A turtle time capsule: DNA found in ancient shell

Currently, only seven species of sea turtles exist. Among them are two in the genus Lepidochelys: the olive ridley and the Kemp's ridley. Despite being among the most common sea turtles in much of the Caribbean Sea and elsewhere, ...

Plants & Animals Sep 27, 2023

Insights into early snake evolution through brain analysis

A recent study published in Science Advances sheds new light on the enigmatic early evolution of snakes by examining an unexpected source: their brains. The results emphasize the significance of studying both the soft parts ...

Ecology Sep 27, 2023

Advanced imaging reveals the last bite of a 465-million-year-old trilobite

Paleontologists from the Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague, and their colleagues describes a 465-million-year-old trilobite with preserved gut contents in a new study. The research was published in Nature.

Plants & Animals Sep 27, 2023

Study shows protecting lands slows biodiversity loss among vertebrates by five times

Protecting large swaths of Earth's land can help stem the tide of biodiversity loss—including for vertebrates like amphibians, reptiles, mammals and birds, according to a study published in Nature Sept. 27.

Cell & Microbiology Sep 26, 2023

Bacterial biosensors: The future of analyte detection

Scientists can do some nifty things with microbes, including engineering bacterial cells to sense and signal the presence of specific compounds. These microbial whole-cell biosensors have numerous purposes, from detecting ...

Ecology Sep 24, 2023

Invasive alien species are a serious threat to the planet: Four key messages for Africa

Climate change has negatively—and irreversibly, in some cases—affected ecosystems around the globe. Sadly, though, it is not the only phenomenon that's altering our natural world.

Ecology Sep 23, 2023

Scientists warn entire branches of the 'Tree of Life' are going extinct

Humans are driving the loss of entire branches of the "Tree of Life," according to a new study published on Monday which warns of the threat of a sixth mass extinction.

Other Sep 23, 2023

Saturday Citations: Cutting the middleman out of spider silk synthesis; hungry black holes; Osiris-Rex is back!

This week, we reported on spider silk synthesis without spiders, and how policymakers are pursuing a wish-based approach to a global economy under climate change—what the kids call "manifesting" a green-growth future. Plus, ...

Evolution Sep 21, 2023

A fossil jumping spider's 15-million-year journey

Jumping spiders (Salticidae) are a recently evolved family of spiders. They are known for their distinctive large eyes and ability to jump long distances relative to their small size. Australia has about 1,200 to 1,500 species ...

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