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Condensed Matter Jan 17, 2020

Walking with atoms—chemical bond making and breaking recorded in action

Ever since it was proposed that atoms are building blocks of the world, scientists have been trying to understand how and why they bond to each other. Be it a molecule (which is a group of atoms joined together in a particular ...

Superconductivity Jan 16, 2020

Study finds billions of quantum entangled electrons in 'strange metal'

In a new study, U.S. and Austrian physicists have observed quantum entanglement among "billions of billions" of flowing electrons in a quantum critical material.

Optics & Photonics Jan 16, 2020

An electrically pumped surface-emitting semiconductor green laser

Scientists and Engineers have used surface-emitting semiconductor lasers in data communications, for sensing, in FaceID and within augmented reality glasses. In a new report, Yong-Ho Ra and a research team in the departments ...

Optics & Photonics Jan 06, 2020

Laser pulse creates frequency doubling in amorphous dielectric material

Researchers have demonstrated a new all-optical technique for creating robust second-order nonlinear effects in materials that don't normally support them. Using a laser pulse fired at an array of gold triangles on a titanium ...

Nanophysics Dec 30, 2019

New class of crosslinker-free nanofiber biomaterials from Hydra nematocyst proteins

Nematocysts are stinging organelles of cnidarians that have remarkable mechanical properties to undergo 50 percent volume changes during explosive exocytosis (process by which cells excrete waste and large molecules), while ...

Materials Science Jan 08, 2020

How rattlesnakes' scales help them sip rainwater from their bodies

During storms in the southwestern U.S., some rattlesnakes drink rain droplets from scales on their backs. This unusual behavior could help them survive in a desert environment with infrequent rain. Now, researchers have figured ...

Condensed Matter Jan 06, 2020

Exploring the 'dark side' of a single-crystal complex oxide thin film

Analysis from a team led by Argonne researchers reveals never-before-seen details about a type of thin film being explored for advanced microelectronics.

Analytical Chemistry Dec 27, 2019

Complete filling of batches of nanopipettes

Researchers at Kanazawa University report in Analytical Chemistry an efficient method for filling a batch of nanopipettes with a pore opening below 10 nanometers. The method is based on the application of a temperature gradient ...

Quantum Physics Dec 31, 2019

Nearly quantized conductance plateau of vortex mode in an iron-based superconductor

When a semiconducting nanowire is coupled to a superconductor, it can be tuned to topological quantum states thought to host localized quasiparticles known as Majorana Zero Modes (MZM). MZMs are their own antiparticles, with ...

Materials Science Dec 24, 2019

Portraits of particulate matter

On solar farms in particularly dusty places in the world, like the Arabian Peninsula and parts of India and China, air pollution costs the solar energy industry tens of billions of dollars annually. As particles settle out ...

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