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Materials Science 17 hours ago

Single photon emission from isolated monolayer islands of InGaN

Single photon emitters are essential devices for the realization of future optical quantum technologies including optical quantum computing and quantum key distribution. Towards this goal, Scientists in China and Japan identified ...

Materials Science Sep 21, 2020

Quantum dot photovoltaics make a lasting impression

A process developed at KAUST for depositing extremely thin and smooth films can make it easier to manufacture stable solar cells based on quantum dot technology.

Condensed Matter Sep 17, 2020

Scientists obtain broad-band single-mode lasers in colloidal quantum dots

In the past two decades, great efforts have been made to achieve lasers based on colloidal quantum dots (CQDs), especially CQD-based single-mode lasers, which is important in on-chip optical processing and data storage due ...

Bio & Medicine Sep 08, 2020

Real-time imaging shows how SARS-CoV-2 attacks human cells

"What we're doing here is actually visualizing binding of the spike to ACE 2 [angiotensin converting enzyme 2]," says Kirill Gorshkov a research scientist at the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS) ...

Bio & Medicine Sep 03, 2020

Researchers develop dual-excitation decoding strategy for high-accuracy thermal sensing

Luminescent nanothermometry is a non-invasive method of detecting temperature in vivo, which is important in biology and nanomedicine researches.

Nanomaterials Aug 20, 2020

Researchers shed light on the building blocks for next-generation LED displays

Three teams of researchers at Clemson University have joined forces to unravel some of the mysteries surrounding perovskite nanocrystals, which are semiconductors with numerous applications, including LEDs, lasers, solar ...

Nanomaterials Aug 20, 2020

Breakthrough in blue quantum dot technology

There are many things quantum dots could do, but the most obvious place they could change our lives is to make the colors on our TVs and screens more pristine. Research using the Canadian Light Source (CLS) at the University ...

General Physics Aug 19, 2020

Controlling the electron spin: Flip it quickly but carefully

Over the past two decades, a new area at the interface of semiconductor physics, electronics and quantum mechanics has been gaining popularity among theoretical physicists and experimenters. This new field is called spintronics, ...

Materials Science Aug 17, 2020

Converting solar energy to hydrogen fuel, with help from photosynthesis

Global economic growth comes with increasing demand for energy, but stepping up energy production can be challenging. Recently, scientists have achieved record efficiency for solar-to-fuel conversion, and now they want to ...

Quantum Physics Aug 12, 2020

Efficient valves for electron spins

Researchers at the University of Basel in collaboration with colleagues from Pisa have developed a new concept that uses electron spin to switch an electrical current. In addition to fundamental research, such spin valves ...

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