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Biotechnology Dec 6, 2023

Researcher turns switchgrass into bioplastics

Plastic, made in the traditional petroleum-based method, has served its purpose. The near-perfect packaging material has been instrumental in transforming the world's food supply and can be found in nearly every sector of ...

Polymers Dec 8, 2023

Polyethylene waste could be a thing of the past

An international team of experts undertaking fundamental research has developed a way of using polyethylene waste (PE) as a feedstock and converted it into valuable chemicals, via light-driven photocatalysis.

Plants & Animals Dec 5, 2023

Sugar permeation discovered in plant aquaporins

Aquaporins, which move water through membranes of plant cells, were not thought to be able to permeate sugar molecules, but University of Adelaide researchers have observed sucrose transport in plant aquaporins for the first ...

Plants & Animals Dec 5, 2023

A forestry scientist explains how to choose the most sustainable Christmas tree, no matter what it's made of

Every year, Americans buy somewhere between 35 million and 50 million Christmas trees, and many more pull an artificial tree out of storage for the season. In all, about three-quarters of U.S. households typically have some ...

Polymers Nov 21, 2023

Researchers describe a more sustainable process to recycle biobased polycarbonates

A month ago, the European Union banned glitter. This action was part of an effort that aims to reduce the presence of microplastics in our environment by 30%. Waste plastics are a serious problem for our ecosystems, and the ...

Polymers Nov 13, 2023

New technique can capture or reuse CO2 as a chemical source for the production of sustainable plastics

A team led by chemists at the University of Liège has developed a new polyurethane production technique using CO2 to create new types of easily recyclable plastics. The study, published in the Journal of the American Chemistry ...

Analytical Chemistry Nov 30, 2023

Durable plastic pollution easily, cleanly degrades with new catalyst

Many people are familiar with the haunting images of wildlife—including sea turtles, dolphins and seals—tangled in abandoned fishing nets.

Environment Nov 15, 2023

West Africa's plastic waste could be fueling the economy instead of polluting the ocean

Plastic pollution is an urgent environmental issue, globally. Every year, about eight million tons of plastic end up in the oceans.

Environment Nov 30, 2023

As plastic production grows, treaty negotiations to reduce plastic waste are stuck in low gear

Plastic pollution has spread to Earth's farthest reaches, with widespread effects on wildlife, the environment and human health. To curb this problem, U.N. member countries are negotiating a global treaty to reduce plastic ...

Environment Nov 13, 2023

We need a global treaty to solve plastic pollution—acid rain and ozone depletion show us why

After years of discussion, international negotiations on a global plastics treaty resume this week in Nairobi, Kenya, at the UN Environment Programme headquarters.

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