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Cell & Microbiology 16 hours ago

Protective shield: Membrane-attached protein protects bacteria and chloroplasts from stress

Bacteria and plant cells have adapted to cope with stress. They express specific stress proteins, but how this line of defense works is still unclear. A group of scientists headed by Professor Dirk Schneider of Johannes Gutenberg ...

Materials Science Oct 21, 2020

Materials scientists discover design secrets of nearly indestructible insect

With one of the more awe-inspiring names in the animal kingdom, the diabolical ironclad beetle is one formidable insect. Birds, lizards and rodents frequently try to make a meal of it but seldom succeed. Run over it with ...

Cell & Microbiology Oct 14, 2020

DNA-peptide interactions create complex behaviours which may have shaped biology

DNA-protein interactions are extremely important in biology. For example, each human cell contains about 2 meters of DNA, but this is packaged into a space about 1 million times smaller. The information in this DNA allows ...

Molecular & Computational biology Oct 14, 2020

Finding its way to the top: How a cell surface receptor reaches its destination

Dr. Guangyu Wu is dissecting the molecular homing that enables a nascent protein to ultimately find its way to the surface of a cell as a mature receptor type that helps us taste, smell and even regulate our mood and immunity.

Environment Sep 21, 2020

Arctic summer sea ice second lowest on record: US researchers

Arctic summer sea ice melted in 2020 to the second smallest size since records began 42 years ago, US scientists announced Monday, offering further stark evidence of the impact of global warming.

Biochemistry Sep 21, 2020

Researchers discover new molecules for tracking Parkinson's disease

For many of the 200,000 patients diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in the United States every year, the diagnosis often occurs only after the appearance of severe symptoms such as tremors or speech difficulties. With the ...

Bio & Medicine Sep 04, 2020

Nano particles for healthy tissue

"Eat your vitamins" might be replaced with "ingest your ceramic nano-particles" in the future as space research is giving more weight to the idea that nanoscopic particles could help protect cells from common causes of damage.

Plants & Animals Sep 02, 2020

Gut microbiome composition is associated with age and memory performance in pet dogs

Our gut microbiota can crucially influence our behavior and neurodevelopment. New research from the Ethology Department at the Faculty of Science at Eötvös Loránd University indicates that dogs' aging mechanism and memory ...

Biotechnology Sep 02, 2020

Engineers reprogram yeast cells to become microscopic drug factories

Since antiquity, cultures on nearly every continent have discovered that certain plant leaves, when chewed or brewed or rubbed on the body, could relieve diverse ailments, inspire hallucinations or, in higher dosages, even ...

Cell & Microbiology Aug 28, 2020

Cellular energy audit reveals energy producers and consumers

Adenosine triphosphate, or ATP, is the cellular energy currency that is as valuable to the human body as the dollar is to the US economy. Too high or too low levels of ATP in some cell types have been linked to a variety ...

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