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Plants & Animals 7 hours ago

Coral can't escape climate change despite its natural adaptive capacity, says new paper

A new study shows that despite coral's natural adaptive capacity, even moderate global warming could see the destruction of our coral reefs.

Ecology Mar 10, 2023

The potential risks of ocean-based climate intervention technologies on deep-sea ecosystems

The deep sea is one of the least well-known areas on Earth, comprising multiple vulnerable ecosystems that play critical roles in the carbon cycle. However, the deep sea is directly exposed to the effects of human-induced ...

Environment Mar 8, 2023

The high seas are supposed to belong to everyone: New UN treaty aims to make it law

It may come as a surprise to fellow land-dwellers, but the ocean actually accounts for most of the habitable space on our planet. Yet a big chunk of it has been left largely unmanaged. It's a vast global common resource, ...

Environment Mar 7, 2023

Urgent need to address systemic risks in a world vulnerable to climate change, conflict and global health crises

Science academies of the G7 have called for urgent action from governments to meet commitments to protect the environment and human health. The academies have highlighted three key areas for action: the need to address systemic ...

Ecology Mar 7, 2023

Warming and overfishing could switch the role of fishes in the marine carbon cycle

Bony fish are more often recognized as food sources than as carbon regulators. They provide an array of services relevant to climate change mitigation. For instance, they store carbon within their bodies as they grow and ...

Environment Mar 6, 2023

New treaty plots conservation course for high seas

Protecting life in the vast expanse of ocean beyond national jurisdictions finally has an international roadmap after UN states agreed a landmark high seas treaty at the weekend.

Quantum Physics Feb 24, 2023

A new neutrino laboratory at the bottom of the Mediterranean for probing sea and sky

The Laboratoire Sous-marin Provence Méditerranée (LSPM) lies 40 km off the coast of Toulon, at a depth of 2,450 m, inaccessible even to sunlight. Through this national research platform run by the CNRS in collaboration ...

Ecology Feb 24, 2023

New study reveals biodiversity loss drove ecological collapse after the 'Great Dying'

The history of life on Earth has been punctuated by several mass extinctions, the greatest of these being the Permian-Triassic extinction event, also known as the Great Dying, which occurred 252 million years ago. While scientists ...

Plants & Animals Feb 21, 2023

Excess nutrients lead to dramatic ecosystem changes in Cape Cod's Waquoit Bay

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020 with associated travel restrictions, Matthew Long thought his students could shift their overseas research projects to instead study the seagrass meadow ecosystem in Waquoit Bay. It's ...

Earth Sciences Feb 20, 2023

New finding provides better understanding of oceans' capacity to absorb atmospheric carbon dioxide

A new study demonstrates the important role of a common group of marine calcifying phytoplankton (coccolithophores) in the regulation of carbon dioxide (CO2) concentrations in the atmosphere.

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