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Materials Science Jun 10, 2020

After a century of searching, scientists find new liquid phase

Researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder's Soft Materials Research Center (SMRC) have discovered an elusive phase of matter, first proposed more than 100 years ago and sought after ever since.

Superconductivity Apr 30, 2020

Imaging nematic transitions in iron pnictide superconductors

Researchers at Stanford University have recently carried out an in-depth study of nematic transitions in iron pnictide superconductors. Their paper, published in Nature Physics, presents new imaging data of these transitions ...

Molecular & Computational biology Jan 09, 2020

Coordination by remote control

Protein filament systems within cells are subject to constant reorganization, which is in part mediated by the actions of motor proteins. LMU researchers have now shown that motor-driven movements can propagate through such ...

General Physics Feb 21, 2019

Sculpting stable structures in pure liquids

Oscillating flow and light pulses can be used to create reconfigurable architecture in liquid crystals. Materials scientists can carefully engineer concerted microfluidic flows and localized optothermal fields to achieve ...

Polymers Oct 09, 2018

3-D printing hierarchical liquid-crystal-polymer structures

Biological materials from bone to spider-silk and wood are lightweight fibre composites arranged in a complex hierarchical structure, formed by directed self-assembly to demonstrate outstanding mechanical properties.

Condensed Matter May 22, 2018

Research reveals how order first appears in liquid crystals

Liquid crystals undergo a peculiar type of phase change. At a certain temperature, their cigar-shaped molecules go from a disordered jumble to a more orderly arrangement in which they all point more or less in the same direction. ...

Condensed Matter May 14, 2018

Researchers offer new technology for liquid-crystal displays

An international research team from Russia, France and Germany has proposed a new method for orienting liquid crystals. It could be used to increase the viewing angle of liquid-crystal displays. The paper was published in ...

Condensed Matter Jan 31, 2014

It's alive! Scientists combine liquid crystals and living bacteria

( —The prospect of integrated living organisms into a non-living substrate has long held a compelling appeal for those investigating active matter – the study of a type of easily-deformable out of equilibrium ...

Condensed Matter Nov 29, 2013

New state of liquid crystals discovered

( —New collaborative research, carried out by Dr. Vitaly P. Panov, Research Fellow, and Jagdish K Vij, Honorary Professor of Electronic Materials of Trinity College Dublin's School of Engineering, Department of ...