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Optics & Photonics Nov 06, 2019

Flatland light: Researchers create rewritable optical components for 2-D light waves

In 1884, a schoolmaster and theologian named Edwin Abbott wrote a novella called Flatland, which tells the story of a world populated by sentient two-dimensional shapes. While intended as a satire of rigid Victorian social ...

Nanophysics Oct 02, 2019

Quantizing single-molecule surface enhanced Raman Scattering with DNA origami metamolecules

Tailored metal nanoclusters can be actively developed in the lab to manipulate light at the subwavelength scale for nanophotonic applications. However, their precise molecular arrangement in a hotspot with fixed numbers and ...

Optics & Photonics Aug 19, 2019

Researchers document a quantum spin wave for light

Researchers at Purdue University have created a quantum spin wave for light. This can be a carrier of information for future nanotechnologies but with a unique twist: they only flow in one direction.

Optics & Photonics Sep 26, 2019

New chip poised to enable hand-held microwave imaging

Researchers have developed a new microwave imager chip that could one day enable low-cost handheld microwave imagers, or cameras. Because microwaves can travel through certain opaque objects, the new imagers could be useful ...

Plasma Physics Aug 30, 2019

Quantum engineering atomically smooth single-crystalline silver films

Ultra-low-loss metal films with high-quality single crystals are in demand as the perfect surface for nanophotonics and quantum information processing applications. Silver is by far the most preferred material due to low-loss ...

Optics & Photonics Sep 24, 2019

Using light to speed up computation

A group of researchers in Japan has developed a new type of processor known as PAXEL, a device that can potentially bypass Moore's Law and increase the speed and efficiency of computing. PAXEL, which stands for photonic accelerator, ...

Nanophysics Oct 09, 2019

Nanoscale manipulation of light leads to exciting new advancement

Controlling the interactions between light and matter has been a long-standing ambition for scientists seeking to develop and advance numerous technologies that are fundamental to society. With the boom of nanotechnology ...

Quantum Physics Oct 09, 2019

Physicists couple key components of quantum technologies

Quantum effects are genuinely found in the world of nanostructures and allow a wide variety of new technological applications. For example, a quantum computer could in the future solve problems, which conventional computers ...

Nanophysics Sep 19, 2019

Nano bulb lights novel path: Engineers create tunable, nanoscale, incandescent light source

What may be viewed as the world's smallest incandescent lightbulb is shining in a Rice University engineering laboratory with the promise of advances in sensing, photonics and perhaps computing platforms beyond the limitations ...

Nanophysics Sep 05, 2019

Using nature to produce a revolutionary optical material

An international team of researchers has reported a new way to safeguard drones, surveillance cameras and other equipment against laser attacks, which can disable or destroy the equipment. The capability is known as optical ...

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