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Materials Science Oct 22, 2020

Researchers develop new molecular ferroelectric metamaterials

A University at Buffalo-led research team has reported a new 3-D-printed molecular ferroelectric metamaterial.

Nanomaterials Oct 19, 2020

Creating perfect edges in 2-D-materials

Ultrathin materials such as graphene promise a revolution in nanoscience and technology. Researchers at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, have published a study in Nature Communications in which they present a method ...

General Physics Sep 30, 2020

Achieving invisibility: Cross-wavelength invisibility integrated with invisibility tactics

Invisibility is a superior self-protection strategy of long-standing interest in academia and industry, although the concept is thus far most popularly encountered in science fiction. In a new report on Science Advances, ...

General Physics Sep 28, 2020

Plasmonic enhancement of stability and brightness in organic light-emitting devices

Scientists investigate free electrons and the resonant interactions of electromagnetic waves in the field of plasmonics. However, the discipline still remains to be extended to large-scale commercial applications due to the ...

Nanophysics Sep 22, 2020

Hyperbolic metamaterials exhibit physics with two spatial and two temporal dimensions

Metamaterials—nanoengineered structures designed for precise control and manipulation of electromagnetic waves—have enabled such innovations as invisibility cloaks and super-resolution microscopes. Using transformation ...

Nanomaterials Sep 16, 2020

Novel photoresist enables 3-D printing of smallest porous structures

Researchers of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and Heidelberg University have developed a photoresist for two-photon microprinting. It has now been used for the first time to produce three-dimensional polymer microstructures ...

General Physics Sep 03, 2020

How to imitate natural spring-loaded snapping movement without losing energy

Venus flytraps do it, trap-jaw ants do it, and now materials scientists at the University of Massachusetts Amherst can do it, too—they discovered a way of efficiently converting elastic energy in a spring to kinetic energy ...

Nanomaterials Aug 24, 2020

Machine learning peeks into nano-aquariums

In the nanoworld, tiny particles such as proteins appear to dance as they transform and assemble to perform various tasks while suspended in a liquid. Recently developed methods have made it possible to watch and record these ...

Nanophysics Aug 12, 2020

Enhanced liquid repellence through flexible microstructures

Artificial surfaces that can repel liquids have attracted significant attention across scientific and industrial platforms to create functional topological features. But the role of the underlying structures that are in contact ...

General Physics Aug 10, 2020

Deep learning and metamaterials make the invisible visible

By combining purpose-built materials and neural networks, researchers at EPFL have shown that sound can be used in high-resolution imagery.

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