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Analytical Chemistry 10 hours ago

Identifying a new, cleaner source for white light

When early humans discovered how to harness fire, they were able to push back against the nightly darkness that enveloped them. With the invention and widespread adoption of electricity, it became easier to separate heat ...

Materials Science 10 hours ago

Air-stability of sodium-based layered-oxide cathode materials

Sodium ion batteries are considered to be one of the most promising alternative systems to lithium-ion batteries, especially for large scale applications. Sodium-based transition-metal oxides with layered structure have been ...

Analytical Chemistry 10 hours ago

Highly insulating alkane rings with destructive σ-interference

Destructive quantum interference (DQI) provides the possibility to significantly suppress the leakage current in the OFF state of molecular devices. However, the DQI in π-conjugated molecules cannot exhibit ultralow conductance ...

Optics & Photonics 11 hours ago

Sapphire femtosecond laser filamentation in argon at 1 kHz repetition rate

A new publication from Opto-Electronic Advances considers an over 20 μJ THz laser pulse generated at 1 kHz in gas media.

Polymers 11 hours ago

A way to recycle polystyrene into more valuable products

A team of researchers at Virginia Tech working with one colleague from Dongbei University of Finance and Economics and another from Santa Clara University has developed a process for recycling polystyrene that involves the ...

Astronomy 13 hours ago

Researchers study the turbulence raging inside distant stars

Stunning new images created by Keele researchers highlight the turbulent flow of energy inside distant stars.

Cell & Microbiology 15 hours ago

Which microbes live in your gut? A microbiologist tries at-home test kits to see what they reveal about the microbiome

When you hear about the gut microbiome, does it ever make you wonder what tiny creatures are teeming inside your own body? As a microbiologist who studies the microbiomes of plants, animals and people, I've watched public ...

Social Sciences Aug 15, 2022

Children found to change their views on gender stereotypes when read books that give other views

A team of psychology researchers from the University of Amsterdam, Western Washington University, the University of British Columbia and the University of Toronto, has found that reading books to children that have female ...

Education Aug 15, 2022

'Don't Say Gay' law confuses some Florida schools

Some Florida schools have moved library books and debated changing textbooks in response to a law critics call "Don't Say Gay"—and some teachers have worried that family pictures on their desks could get them in trouble.

Social Sciences Aug 15, 2022

The phenomenology of insecurity and security

Climate change, the war in Ukraine, the adequacy of natural resources, and demographic change are increasingly highlighting issues related to insecurity throughout the world. Published recently, the final report by Insecurity, ...

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