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Earth Sciences 5 hours ago

Landfill study shows flawed detection methods, higher methane emissions in Illinois, other states

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's method of detecting methane leaks at landfills is flawed, and emissions of this powerful heat-trapping gas are likely much higher than what is being reported, according to a new ...

Nanomaterials 11 hours ago

Researchers identify the principle behind 'soft mechanoluminescent complex'

A research team collaborated to identify the principle of an eco-friendly energy-based soft mechanoluminescent complex that emits light without batteries. It is expected to be applied in various fields, such as optical sensors, ...

Nanomaterials 12 hours ago

New quantum dot approach can enhance electrical conductivity of solar cells

A team led by Professor Jongmin Choi of the Department of Energy Science and Engineering has developed a PbS quantum dot that can rapidly enhance the electrical conductivity of solar cells. The findings are published in the ...

Plants & Animals 12 hours ago

How cockroaches spread around the globe to become the pest we know today

They're six-legged, hairy home invaders that just won't die, no matter how hard you try.

Earth Sciences 12 hours ago

Can coal mines be tapped for rare earth elements?

Deposits of designated critical minerals needed to transition the world's energy systems away from fossil fuels may, ironically enough, be co-located with coal deposits that have been mined to produce the fossil fuel most ...

Optics & Photonics 14 hours ago

Researchers develop entangled photon pairs in integrated silicon carbide for first time

Quantum information science is truly fascinating—pairs of tiny particles can be entangled such that an operation on either one will affect them both even if they are physically separated. A seemingly magical process called ...

Bio & Medicine 15 hours ago

Study reveals promising development in cancer-fighting nanotechnologies

A new study conducted by the Wilhelm Lab at the University of Oklahoma examines a promising development in biomedical nanoengineering. Published in Advanced Materials, the study explores new findings on the transportation ...

Earth Sciences 15 hours ago

Drone and geospatial team becomes first to map the Coca River in the Amazon basin

The geology along Ecuador's Coca River is moving in fast-forward. In a scientific field where natural wonders form over millennia, but natural disasters occur in minutes, speed is less than desirable.

Plants & Animals 16 hours ago

Unlocking the secrets of plant-electromagnetic field interactions: A comprehensive review

A research team has meticulously analyzed the biological impacts of ornamental plants' exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs), especially those at high frequencies. They proposed a comprehensive strategy to predict and ...

Bio & Medicine 17 hours ago

Method for producing sulfur compounds in cells shows promise for tissue repair

Sulfur-based compounds produced in our bodies help fight inflammation and create new blood vessels, among other responsibilities, but the compounds are delicate and break down easily, making them difficult to study.

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