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Condensed Matter 27 minutes ago

Scientists make most sensitive measurements to date of silicon's conductivity

Silicon, the best-known semiconductor, is ubiquitous in electronic devices including cellphones, laptops and the electronics in cars. Now, researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have made ...

Materials Science Feb 25, 2020

Scientists invent lightweight liquid metal materials

Room temperature liquid metal, for example Gallium-based alloy, has high electrical and thermal conductivity, and excellent fluidity. They can be used in various application fields such as flexible electronics, wearable devices, ...

Nanophysics 6 hours ago

Building ultrasensitive and ultrathin phototransistors and photonic synapses using hybrid superstructures

Organic-inorganic halide perovskite quantum dots (PQDs) form an attractive class of materials for optoelectronic applications. Their charge transport properties are, however, inferior compared to materials such as graphene. ...

Materials Science 5 hours ago

Small precipitates make big difference in mitigating strength-ductility tradeoff

Researchers from the Institute of Mechanics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, teaming up with scientists from Singapore and the U.S., have found that nanoscale precipitates provide a unique sustainable dislocation source ...

Materials Science 8 hours ago

Cold sintering produces capacitor material at record low temperatures

Barium titanate is an important electroceramic material used in trillions of capacitors each year and found in most electronics. Penn State researchers have produced the material at record low temperatures, and the discovery ...

Nanophysics 8 hours ago

When bonding noble metals to 2-D materials, interfaces matter

Researchers at Penn State and Purdue University have developed new materials for improved single-atom catalysis and future electronics.

Space Exploration 2 hours ago

Digging into the far side of the moon: Chang'E-4 probes 40 meters into lunar surface

A little over a year after landing, China's spacecraft Chang'E-4 is continuing to unveil secrets from the far side of the Moon. The latest study, published on Feb. 26 in Science Advances, reveals what lurks below the surface.

Nanomaterials 8 hours ago

Regioselective magnetization enabled chiral semiconducting heteronanorods

A USTC team led by Prof. Shu-Hong Yu (USTC), collaborating with Prof. Zhiyong Tang (National Center for Nanoscience and Technology, China) and Prof. Edward H. Sargent (University of Toronto), has shed new light on the topic ...

General Physics 6 hours ago

A possible new way to cool computer chips

A team of researchers at Stanford University has developed a theoretical way to cool down heated objects. In their paper published in the journal Physical Review Letters, the group describes their study of heat radiation ...

Plants & Animals 5 hours ago

Overlooked arch in the foot is key to its evolution and function

long-overlooked part of the human foot is key to how the foot works, how it evolved, and how we walk and run, a Yale-led team of researchers said.

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