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Materials Science Mar 26, 2020

Artificial intelligence identifies optimal material formula

Nanostructured layers boast countless potential properties—but how can the most suitable one be identified without any long-term experiments? A team from the Materials Discovery Department at Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB) ...

Biotechnology Mar 25, 2020

Lab antibody, antiviral research aids COVID-19 response

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) scientists are contributing to the global fight against COVID-19 by combining artificial intelligence/machine learning, bioinformatics and supercomputing to help discover candidates ...

Education Mar 26, 2020

Could the social distancing of COVID-19 revolutionize online learning and higher education?

As the rapid spread of the COVID-19 virus prompted residential colleges to suspend classroom instruction, many faculty members are suddenly scrambling to adapt their courses to online media. Former College of Education dean ...

Molecular & Computational biology Mar 24, 2020

Simulated 'Frankenfish brain-swaps' reveal senses control body movement

Plenty of fictional works like Mary Shelly's Frankenstein have explored the idea of swapping out a brain from one individual and transferring it into a completely different body. However, a team of biologists and engineers ...

Bio & Medicine Mar 24, 2020

Scientists invent symmetry-breaking for the first time in a nanoscale device that can mimic human brain

Over the last decade, artificial intelligence (AI) and its applications such as machine learning have gained pace to revolutionize many industries. As the world gathers more data, the computing power of hardware systems needs ...

General Physics Mar 24, 2020

Special blend of circuits and memristive devices created for brain-mimicking processing systems

During the 1990s, Carver Mead and colleagues combined basic research in neuroscience with elegant analog circuit design in electronic engineering. This pioneering work on neuromorphic electronic circuits inspired researchers ...

General Physics Mar 07, 2020

Machine learning illuminates material's hidden order

Extreme temperature can do strange things to metals. In severe heat, iron ceases to be magnetic. In devastating cold, lead becomes a superconductor.

Veterinary medicine Mar 09, 2020

Machine learning could improve the diagnosis of mastitis infections in cows

The new study, published today in Scientific Reports, has found that machine learning has the potential to enhance and improve a veterinarian's ability to accurately diagnose herd mastitis origin and reduce mastitis levels ...

Quantum Physics Mar 17, 2020

Machine learning to scale up the quantum computer

,,Quantum computers are expected to offer tremendous computational power for complex problems –currently intractable even on supercomputers—in the areas of drug design, data science, astronomy and materials chemistry ...

General Physics Mar 02, 2020

Scientists pair machine learning with tomography to learn about material interfaces

By using machine learning as an image processing technique, scientists can dramatically accelerate the heretofore laborious manual process of quantitatively looking for and at interfaces without having to sacrifice accuracy.

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