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Plants & Animals Jul 13, 2020

Who's your daddy? Male seahorses transport nutrients to embryos

New research by Dr. Camilla Whittington and her team at the University of Sydney has found male seahorses transport nutrients to their developing babies during pregnancy. This discovery provides an opportunity for further ...

Biochemistry Jul 07, 2020

Researchers develop injectable extracellular-matrix-based biomaterials for meniscus repair

The meniscus is a thin layer of connective tissue in human knees that helps to maintain the stability of joints and conduct mechanical loads. Meniscus injuries, especially those in the avascular inner zone, have poor healing ...

Archaeology & Fossils Jun 17, 2020

New study suggests that hard eggshells evolved at least three times in dinosaur family tree

New research suggests that the first dinosaurs laid soft-shelled eggs—a finding that contradicts established thought. The study, led by the American Museum of Natural History and Yale University and published today in the ...

Evolution May 20, 2020

Estimating the sex of the youngest individuals from Sima de los Huesos via dentition

thanks to the analysis of 32 dental pieces using micro-computed tomography a team led by Cecilia García Campos, a researcher in the Dental Anthropology Group at the Centro Nacional de Investigación sobre la Evolución Humana, ...

Veterinary medicine May 05, 2020

A drug proves effective in the treatment of intestinal ischemia-reperfusion in animals

Ischemia is a disease that occurs when tissue stops receiving the vascular supply it needs. Though it can affect several organs, the digestive system is one of the most harmed by the loss of blood circulation, making it one ...

Cell & Microbiology May 01, 2020

New route of infection found for bacterium that spreads from horses to humans

Research has made it possible to detail for the first time the spreading of a bacterium through lymph vessels and not just blood vessels, thus being able to invade the digestive system of infected animals through this new ...

Analytical Chemistry Apr 27, 2020

Accelerating clinical use of Raman spectroscopy's chemical fingerprints

"The technique of Raman spectroscopy—in combination with emerging machine-learning methods—is making its way into operating rooms at a rapid pace, with the prospect of improving the accuracy of surgical procedures in ...

Optics & Photonics Apr 24, 2020

Non-invasive imaging technique could reduce need for repeat cancer surgeries

A team of University of Alberta engineers is refining a new imaging technique that could reduce the number of repeat surgeries patients undergo to remove cancerous tumors.

Plants & Animals Apr 07, 2020

Scientists develop new way to identify the sex of sea turtle hatchlings

Unlike humans, sea turtles and other reptiles like crocodiles do not have sex chromosomes. Their sex is defined during development by the incubation environment. In sea turtles, sex is determined by the nest's temperature: ...

Biotechnology Feb 20, 2020

Microchannel network hydrogel-induced ischemic blood perfusion connection

Controlled angiogenesis (growth of new blood vessels) at damaged sites is an unresolved issue in the clinical setting. Most attempts include local treatment with pro-angiogenic molecules,Jo although the approach can induce ...

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