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General Physics Oct 20, 2020

Microscopy with undetected photons in the mid-infrared region

Microscopy techniques that incorporate mid-infrared (IR) illumination holds tremendous promise across a range of biomedical and industrial applications due to its unique biochemical specificity. However, the method is primarily ...

Social Sciences May 14, 2015

Even flush families find value in frugality

Middle-income earners are just as thrifty as those less well-off when it comes to budgeting the family finances, QUT research has found.

Computer Sciences Nov 21, 2018

Capturing the frugal beauty of complex natural tessellations

Surface tessellations are an arrangement of shapes which are tightly fitted, and form repeat patterns on a surface without overlapping. Imagine the pattern of a giraffe's fur, the shell of a tortoise and the honeycomb of ...

Social Sciences May 24, 2016

The cost of being poor, as told by toilet paper

One of the greatest fictional stories isn't a summer blockbuster and doesn't star a big-budget Hollywood celebrity. It's the story that individuals are poor due to their lack of will/drive/desire, and if they worked harder, ...

Condensed Matter Apr 25, 2016

Engineers develop micro-sized, liquid-metal particles for heat-free soldering

Martin Thuo likes to look for new, affordable and clean ways to put science and technology to work in the world.

Other Jun 26, 2014

Iowa State engineers turn LEGO bricks into a scientific tool to study plant growth

Ludovico Cademartiri had what seemed like an impossibly demanding list of requirements for his lab equipment.

Bio & Medicine Jun 14, 2019

Raising fluid walls around living cells

Cell culture plates that are in everyday use in biology can be effectively transformed into microfluidic devices, opening paths for biologists to miniaturize cell-based workflows. In a recent report, Ph.D. researcher Cristian ...

Bio & Medicine Dec 16, 2019

Plasma ionization-based 3-D titania nanofiber-like webs to enhance bioreactivity and osteoconductivity of biomaterials

In a new study published on Scientific Reports, Mohammad-Hossein Beigi and a research team in the departments of Engineering and Applied Science and Cellular Biotechnology in Canada and Iran described a new method to form ...

Materials Science Apr 22, 2015

A leap for 'artificial leaf': Generating power by breaking up water molecules

As an idea, the notion of an "artificial leaf" was always meant to be simple: Could scientists, using a handful of relatively cheap materials, harness the power of light to generate two powerful fuels—hydrogen and oxygen—by ...

Analytical Chemistry Mar 29, 2011

Imaging the paintings under the paintings of the Old Masters

Gaze upon Rembrandt's The Night Watch, The Storm on the Sea of Galilee, or one of the great Dutch master's famous self-portraits. Contemplate Caravaggio's Boy with a Basket of Fruit, Supper at Emmaus, or the famed Italian ...

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