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Nanophysics Jun 11, 2019

A bubbly new way to detect the magnetic fields of nanometer-scale particles

As if they were bubbles expanding in a just-opened bottle of champagne, tiny circular regions of magnetism can be rapidly enlarged to provide a precise method of measuring the magnetic properties of nanoparticles.

Materials Science May 21, 2019

3-D grayscale digital light printing (g-DLP) highly functionally graded materials (FGM)

Three-dimensional (3-D) printing or additive manufacture (AM) is a popular technique that has presently attracted tremendous attention as a promising method to revolutionize design and manufacture. Researchers have expanded ...

Materials Science Apr 24, 2019

Developing a dual-gradient ultrafast biomimetic snapping hydrogel material

Bioinspired materials are designed and engineered to mimic the biological functions of nature; however fast actuation is an important but challenging task to recreate in the lab. In a recent study, Wenxin Fan and co-workers ...

Optics & Photonics Apr 18, 2019

Folding an acoustic vortex on a flat holographic transducer to form miniaturized selective acoustic tweezers

Acoustic tweezers are based on focused acoustic vortices and hold promise to precisely manipulate microorganisms and cells from the millimeter scale down to the submicron scale, without contact, and with unprecedented selectivity ...

Engineering Aug 17, 2015

Controlling the uncontrollable: Researchers harness unstable responses to build new soft actuators

Instability in engineering is generally not a good thing. If you're building a skyscraper, minor instabilities could bring the whole structure crashing down in a fraction of a second. But what if a quick change in shape is ...

Materials Science Nov 18, 2014

Better micro-actuators to transport materials in liquids

Researchers have developed improved forms of tiny magnetic actuators thanks to new materials and a microscopic 3-D printing technology.

Robotics Jun 05, 2018

Team invents world's first nickel-hydroxide actuating material that can be triggered by both light and electricity

Over the past 30 years, researchers have studied actuating materials that can reversibly change their volume under various stimuli in order to develop micro- and biomimetic robots, artificial muscles and medical devices.

General Physics Jun 20, 2016

Electropermanent magnet actuation for droplet ferromicrofluidics

A team of researchers from Stanford University, Stanford, California have demonstrated magnetic actuation of microfluidic water droplets using miniature EPMs and oil-based ferrofluids. Water droplets, immersed in a continuous ...

Engineering Sep 08, 2011

Patent awarded for 'method and system of controlling airfoil actuators'

Syracuse University has been awarded a patent for the development of a “Method and System of Controlling Airfoil Actuators.” This research will lead to greater maneuverability options for wing design on airplanes ...

Engineering Aug 29, 2013

Gel-based audio speaker demonstrates capabilities of ionic conductors, long thought limited in application (w/ Video)

In a materials science laboratory at Harvard University, a transparent disk connected to a laptop fills the room with music—it's the "Morning" prelude from Peer Gynt, played on an ionic speaker.

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