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Condensed Matter 1 hour ago

Water as a metal

Under normal conditions, pure water is an almost perfect insulator. Water only develops metallic properties under extreme pressure, such as exists deep inside of large planets. Now, an international collaboration has used ...

Materials Science 23 hours ago

Let's face the liquid-liquid interface

The demand for energy consumption, limited availability of fossil fuels, and pollution caused by the energy production industry challenge scientists to find new, more cost-effective, and greener solutions to produce power. ...

Analytical Chemistry Jul 22, 2021

A novel microscope reveals the miracle of molecular oxygen

Researchers at the University of Regensburg track the first step in the reaction of one single dye pigment with oxygen at an unprecedented resolution.

Paleontology & Fossils Jul 21, 2021

Fossil reveals burrowing lifestyle of tiny dino

A finger-sized fossil from 308 million years ago unearthed in the United States gives tantalizing clues to the habits of tiny dinosaur-like creatures that may be the forerunners of reptiles, researchers revealed Wednesday.

Quantum Physics Jul 16, 2021

Future information technologies: Topological materials for ultrafast spintronics

The laws of quantum physics rule the microcosm. They determine, for example, how easily electrons move through a crystal and thus whether the material is a metal, a semiconductor or an insulator. Quantum physics may lead ...

Biochemistry Jul 15, 2021

Conductive biopolymers using recycled food industry byproducts

Advanced Materials recently published the findings of Technion researchers who created conductors relevant to solar energy generation, biomedical engineering, and more using by-products of the food industry that would otherwise ...

Paleontology & Fossils Jul 13, 2021

DNA from 1,600-year-old Iranian sheep mummy brings history to life

A team of geneticists and archeologists from Ireland, France, Iran, Germany, and Austria has sequenced the DNA from a 1,600-year-old sheep mummy from an ancient Iranian salt mine, Chehrābād. This remarkable specimen has ...

Optics & Photonics Jun 30, 2021

Researchers develop wearable sensor to monitor oxygen levels through skin

Researchers have combined a new oxygen-sensing film with machine learning to create a wearable sensor capable of measuring tissue oxygenation through skin. The device could be used to monitor a person's oxygen levels on a ...

Optics & Photonics Jun 24, 2021

A simple method to enhance responsivity of terahertz radiation detectors

Scientists of Tomsk Polytechnic University jointly with colleagues from Spanish universities have offered a simple method how to enhance the responsivity of terahertz radiation detectors by 3.5 times using a small Teflon ...

Polymers Jun 23, 2021

Self-healing liquid-metal elastomers

Soft electronics are increasingly in demand for diverse applications, but they lack rigid enclosures and are therefore susceptible to premature disposal after electronic applications. It is therefore necessary to create soft ...

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