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Materials Science Jul 22, 2020

Invention offers new option for monitoring heart health

An invention may turn one of the most widely used materials for biomedical applications into wearable devices to help monitor heart health.

Materials Science Jun 01, 2020

New stretchable, self-healing and illuminating electronic material for wearables and soft robots

Imagine a flexible digital screen that heals itself when it cracks, or a light-emitting robot that locates survivors in dark, dangerous environments or carries out farming and space exploration tasks. A novel material developed ...

Materials Science May 28, 2020

Technology uses plant biomass waste for self-powered biomedical devices

An innovation turning waste material into stretchable devices may soon provide a new option for creating self-powered biomedical inventions.

Nanophysics May 18, 2020

Physicists offer a new 'spin' on memory

Imagine biting into a peanut butter sandwich and discovering a slice of cheese tucked between the bread and the butter. In a way, this is what happened to a team of physicists at the University of Arizona, except the "cheese" ...

Nanophysics Apr 30, 2020

'Breathable' electronics pave the way for more functional wearable tech

Engineering researchers have created ultrathin, stretchable electronic material that is gas permeable, allowing the material to "breathe." The material was designed specifically for use in biomedical or wearable technologies, ...

Nanomaterials Feb 28, 2020

Stress-relief substrate helps OLED stretch two-dimensionally

Highly functional and free-form displays are critical components to complete the technological prowess of wearable electronics, robotics, and human-machine interfaces.

General Physics Feb 18, 2020

Highly sensitive sensors show promise in enhancing human touch

People rely on a highly tuned sense of touch to manipulate objects, but injuries to the skin and the simple act of wearing gloves can impair this ability. Surgeons, for example, find that gloves decrease their ability to ...

Polymers Feb 14, 2020

Ionotronic technology that doesn't require liquid electrolytes

A team of researchers from the University of Massachusetts and Harvard University has developed a type of ionotronic technology that does not require liquid electrolytes. In their paper published in the journal Science, the ...

Materials Science Dec 09, 2019

Electronics integrated to the muscle via 'Kirigami'

A research team in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Information Engineering and EIIRIS at Toyohashi University of Technology has developed a donut-shaped kirigami device for EMG recordings. The proposed device ...

Nanophysics Oct 22, 2019

Neural network technique identifies mechanisms of ferroelectric switching

Innovations in material science are as essential to modern life as indoor plumbing—and go about as unnoticed.

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