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Biochemistry 12 hours ago

Painting the molecular canvas in super-resolution

To understand how individual molecules play their roles in biological processes inside the cells they are synthesized in, researchers have developed super-resolution microscopy methods to visualize them at the single-molecule ...

Biotechnology 10 hours ago

Pros and cons of genetic scissors

Crispr technology has greatly facilitated gene editing. Associate Professor Thorsten Müller from Ruhr-Universität Bochum and Dr. Hassan Bukhari from Harvard Medical School discuss its pros and cons in a review article in ...

Ecology 9 hours ago

Why the global Red List mislabels the risk to many species

When we talk about how threatened animals or plants are, we will almost always reference their statuses on the Red List. Created by the International Union for Conservation of Nature – a global organisation that seeks to ...

Cell & Microbiology 6 hours ago

Genomic migration analysis shows antibiotic resistance moving from humans to animals

A Clemson University professor's research has documented the movement of antibiotic resistance in humans into animal species.

Ecology Sep 11, 2019

Invasion of the Japanese stiltgrass: WVU biologist targets plant that wreaks havoc

To the casual observer, Japanese stiltgrass appears as a harmless, leafy green plant that blends into the majestic scenery of your weekend hike through the woods.

Biotechnology Sep 11, 2019

All of YouTube in a single teaspoon: Storing information in DNA

Researchers at the Technion–Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa and the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliya have demonstrated a significant improvement in the efficiency of the process needed to store digital information ...

Analytical Chemistry Sep 11, 2019

Determination of the crystal structure of a DNA-stabilized silver nanocluster

Nanoclusters are little "heaps" of a few atoms that often have interesting optical properties and could become useful probes for imaging processes in areas such as biomedicine and diagnostics. In the journal Angewandte Chemie, ...

Plants & Animals Sep 16, 2019

Extinct Canary Island bird was not a unique species after all, DNA tests prove

DNA tests have proven an extinct bird species unique to the Canary Islands—whose loss was considered a sizeable blow for genetic diversity—is actually almost identical to types commonly found in the UK and throughout ...

Environment Sep 16, 2019

Hope for coral recovery may depend on good parenting

The fate of the world's coral reefs could depend on how well the sea creatures equip their offspring to cope with global warming.

Cell & Microbiology Sep 13, 2019

Method to customize microbes for better biofuel production

Scientists at the US Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory have demonstrated a method to insert genes into a variety of microorganisms that previously would not accept foreign DNA, with the goal of creating ...

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