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Plants & Animals Sep 20, 2023

Spotlight on mud snakes: Study unveils evolutionary secrets of enigmatic snake family from Southeastern Asia

A new University of Kansas genomic investigation of a group of unheralded but unique "mud snakes" from Southeast Asia is rewriting the evolutionary history of this family, named the Homalopsidae. The results just were published ...

Biotechnology Sep 20, 2023

Google AI tool predicts danger of genetic mutations

Researchers at Google DeepMind, the tech giant's artificial intelligence arm, on Tuesday introduced a tool that predicts whether genetic mutations are likely to cause harm, a breakthrough that could help research into rare ...

Plants & Animals Sep 20, 2023

How bats evolved to avoid cancer

A new paper titled "Long-read sequencing reveals rapid evolution of immunity and cancer-related genes in bats" in Genome Biology and Evolution shows that rapid evolution in bats may account for the animals' extraordinary ...

Cell & Microbiology Sep 19, 2023

Synthetic biology tool comprehensively reveals gene regulatory networks in E. coli

The intricate interplay of gene expression within living cells is akin to a well-orchestrated symphony, with each gene playing its part in perfect harmony to ensure cells function as they should. At the heart of this symphony ...

Molecular & Computational biology Sep 19, 2023

RNA has been recovered from an extinct species for the first time

A new study shows the isolation and sequencing of more than a century-old RNA molecules from a Tasmanian tiger specimen preserved at room temperature in a museum collection. This resulted in the reconstruction of skin and ...

Ecology Sep 19, 2023

Wild animals leave DNA on plants, making them easier to track: What scientists found in a Ugandan rainforest

The world is losing animals at an alarming rate due to habitat degradation, climate change and illegal human activities in the wildlife protected areas. In fact, it is estimated that, by 2100, more than half of Africa's bird ...

Evolution Sep 19, 2023

Tiny sea creatures reveal the ancient origins of neurons

A study in the journal Cell sheds new light on the evolution of neurons, focusing on the placozoans, a millimeter-sized marine animal. Researchers at the Center for Genomic Regulation in Barcelona find evidence that specialized ...

Biotechnology Sep 18, 2023

Have researchers found the missing link to make easy protein sequencing possible?

There has been a real race among scientists to create a technology that enables easy protein sequencing. Professor of Chemical Biology Giovanni Maglia of the University of Groningen has now found the missing piece in the ...

Biotechnology Sep 17, 2023

Study explains why certain immunotherapies don't always work as predicted

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Paleontology & Fossils Sep 16, 2023

Flowering plants survived the dinosaur-killing asteroid—and may outlive us

If you looked up 66 million years ago you might have seen, for a split second, a bright light as a mountain-sized asteroid burned through the atmosphere and smashed into Earth. It was springtime and the literal end of an ...

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