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Nanophysics Jul 09, 2019

On-demand control of terahertz and infrared waves

The ability to control infrared and terahertz waves using magnetic or electric fields is one of the great challenges in physics that could revolutionise opto-electronics, telecommunications and medical diagnostics. A theory ...

Condensed Matter Jul 12, 2019

Creating two-dimensional layered Zintl phase by dimensional manipulation of the crystal structure

The discovery of new families of two-dimensional (2-D) layered materials beyond graphene has always attracted great attention, but it remains challenging to artificially recreate the honeycomb atomic lattice structure with ...

Environment Jul 01, 2019

Analysis finds US ecosystems shifting hundreds of miles north

Whole ecosystems are shifting dramatically north in the Great Plains, a phenomenon likely linked to human influences such as climate change, says new University of Nebraska-Lincoln research that analyzed nearly 50 years' ...

General Physics May 08, 2019

Physicists propose perfect material for lasers

Weyl semimetals are a recently discovered class of materials in which charge carriers behave the way electrons and positrons do in particle accelerators. Researchers from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and ...

General Physics Jun 12, 2019

New result in hunt for mysterious magnetic monopoles

Cutting a magnet in half yields two magnets, each with its own north and south pole. This apparent absence of an isolated magnetic pole, or "magnetic monopole," has puzzled physicists for more than a century. It would seem ...

Quantum Physics Jun 13, 2019

Mysterious Majorana quasiparticle is now closer to being controlled for quantum computing

As mysterious as the Italian scientist for which it is named, the Majorana particle is one of the most compelling quests in physics.

General Physics Jun 10, 2019

A new candidate for dark matter and a way to detect it

Two theoretical physicists at the University of California, Davis have a new candidate for dark matter, and a possible way to detect it. They presented their work June 6 at the Planck 2019 conference in Granada, Spain and ...

General Physics Jun 03, 2019

Tuning the topological insulator Sb2Te3: Just add iron

Iron-doping of the topological insulator Sb2Te3 results in useful electronic and magnetic properties, quantified in a recent FLEET study at the University of Wollongong.

Superconductivity Mar 30, 2016

Cool under pressure: Superconductivity in 3D Dirac semimetal zirconium pentatelluride

(—Due to their electronic and magnetic properties and their association with crystalline and electronic structures under extreme conditions, three-dimensional (3D) Dirac semimetals – that is, materials that possess ...

Nanomaterials Apr 01, 2015

Two-dimensional Dirac materials: Structure, properties, and rarity

Graphene, a two-dimensional (2D) honeycomb sheet composed of carbon atoms, has attracted intense interests worldwide because of its outstanding properties and promising prospects in both basic and applied science. The great ...

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