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Earth Sciences May 05, 2021

An artificial neural network joins the fight against receding glaciers

What makes a neuron? In the 1940s, at the dawn of the computer age, researchers gave the word a second meaning. In the case of neural networks, the artificial neurons comprising them are more simple than one might expect: ...

Earth Sciences Apr 30, 2021

Glacier avalanches more common than thought

One tends to think of mountain glaciers as slow moving, their gradual passage down a mountainside visible only through a long series of satellite imagery or years of time-lapse photography. However, new research shows that ...

Earth Sciences Apr 22, 2021

Earth's cryosphere is vital for everyone

Everything on our planet—the land, the water, the air, people—is connected by the various chemical, physical and biological processes that make up what we call the Earth system.

Earth Sciences Apr 07, 2021

What a glacial river reveals about the Greenland Ice Sheet

With data from a 2016 expedition, scientists supported by NASA are shedding more light into the complex processes under the Greenland Ice Sheet that control how fast its glaciers slide toward the ocean and contribute to sea ...

Earth Sciences Apr 02, 2021

Evidence of Antarctic glacier's tipping point confirmed for first time

Researchers have confirmed for the first time that Pine Island Glacier in West Antarctica could cross tipping points, leading to a rapid and irreversible retreat which would have significant consequences for global sea level.

Earth Sciences Mar 31, 2021

Lakes on Greenland Ice Sheet can drain huge amounts of water, even in winter

Using satellite data to 'see in the dark', researchers have shown for the first time that lakes on the Greenland Ice Sheet drain during winter, a finding with implications for the speed at which the world's second-largest ...

Earth Sciences Mar 18, 2021

Alpine-wide study shows that snow cover has been declining

For the first time, a study coordinated by Eurac Research has collected and systematically evaluated snow data from more than 2000 measuring stations in Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Germany, Switzerland and France. Up until ...

Earth Sciences Mar 12, 2021

Gravity mission still unearthing hidden secrets

Despite ESA's GOCE mission ending over seven years ago, scientists continue to use this remarkable satellite's gravity data to delve deep and unearth secrets about our planet. Recent research shows how scientists have combined ...

Earth Sciences Mar 10, 2021

Model for predicting mountain snowpack provides clearer picture of spring runoff, impacts of climate change

After decades of research, a new model was developed by University of Saskatchewan (USask) researchers that for the first time successfully predicted mountain snowpack with a high degree of accuracy and detail—information ...

Environment Mar 04, 2021

Air pollution fell sharply during lockdown

The far-reaching mobility restrictions at the beginning of the COVID pandemic in March 2020 created a unique situation for atmospheric sciences: "During the 2020 lockdown, we were able to directly investigate the actual effects ...

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