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Biochemistry Aug 20, 2019

New hydrogels show promise in treating bone defects

Bioengineers and dentists from the UCLA School of Dentistry have developed a new hydrogel that is more porous and effective in promoting tissue repair and regeneration compared to hydrogels that are currently available. Once ...

Archaeology & Fossils Aug 15, 2019

54 million year-old fossil flies yield new insight into the evolution of sight

Fossilised flies that lived 54 million years ago have revealed a surprising twist to the tale of how insects' eyes evolved. These craneflies, unveiled in Nature today, show that insect eyes trap light the same way as human ...

Bio & Medicine Jul 30, 2019

Bone tissue engineering—nano-glue polymer membranes for robust bone regeneration

In a new study now published on NPG Asia Materials, bioengineers report the development of a new fibrous membrane with stem cells to repair bone defects in the skulls of mice. For this, they incorporated mussel-inspired polydopamine ...

Plants & Animals Jul 30, 2019

Electrifying insights into how bodies form

At first glance, Mike Levin's lab looks like any standard biology lab with its shelves of petri dishes containing small, brown, semitransparent flatworms called planaria, one of the organisms his lab studies. Look more closely ...

Biotechnology Jun 17, 2019

Inducing an osteoarthritic (OA) phenotype in a cartilage-on-a-chip (COC) model

In an aging population, the social impact of osteoarthritis (OA) can dramatically increase to become the most common musculoskeletal disease. However, at present, therapies are limited to palliative treatments or surgical ...

Materials Science Jun 05, 2019

Molecular bait can help hydrogels heal wounds

Like fishermen, Rice University bioengineers are angling for their daily catch. But their bait, biomolecules in a hydrogel scaffold, lures microscopic stem cells instead of fish.

Environment May 30, 2019

Edible insects? Lab-grown meat? The real future food is lab-grown insect meat

Livestock farming is destroying our planet. It is a major cause of land and water degradation, biodiversity loss, acid rain, coral reef degeneration, deforestation—and of course, climate change. Plant-based diets, insect ...

Plants & Animals Jul 08, 2019

With cultured meat burgers on the menu, the next big challenge is animal-free steaks

The meat you eat, if you're a carnivore, comes from animal muscles. But animals are composed of a lot more than just muscle. They have organs and bones that most Americans do not consume. They require food, water, space and ...

Biotechnology May 28, 2019

Researchers advance search for laboratory test to predict spread of breast cancer

Researchers at The Johns Hopkins University and other institutions report that a new laboratory test that induces cancer cells to squeeze through narrow spaces has the potential to accurately predict which breast cancers ...

Cell & Microbiology Jun 25, 2019

Tapping into the way cells communicate

A new technology discovered by UConn School of Dental Medicine researchers records cellular communication in real time—providing a closer look into the dynamics of cell secretion and a greater understanding of how cells ...

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