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Biotechnology Mar 24, 2020

Protein modification with ISG15 blocks coxsackievirus pathology via antiviral and metabolic reprogramming

During early encounters between a pathogen and a cell, receptors located on the cell surface, in the cytosol or within endosomal (storage) compartments engage with the pathogen's nucleic acid (DNA/RNA) or pathogen-associated ...

Biotechnology Mar 06, 2020

Machine sucks up tiny tissue spheroids and prints them precisely

A new method of bioprinting uses aspiration of tiny biologics such as spheroids, cells and tissue strands, to precisely place them in 3-D patterns either on scaffolding or without to create artificial tissues with natural ...

Biochemistry Mar 10, 2020

Collagen can withstand more strain than previously known

Researchers in the Department of Physics at King's College London have discovered that collagen fibrils can withstand a significantly higher amount of strain than previously thought, broadening our understanding of tissue ...

Biochemistry Mar 16, 2020

Silkworms provide new spin on sticky molecules

Silkworms are useful for more than just making strong and absorbent strings of silky thread for the textiles industry. A group of KAUST scientists has now coaxed these grub-like insects into making the human form of E-selectin, ...

Materials Science Feb 07, 2020

Scientists create 'chemical gardens' that can be used as bone substitute materials

A new way of making bone-replacement materials that allows for cells to grow around and inside them has been developed by researchers at the University of Birmingham.

Materials Science Feb 04, 2020

Grooves hold promise for sophisticated healing

Who ever said bioengineers can't get their groove on? The Rice University team led by Antonios Mikos says otherwise with its development of a groovy method to seed sophisticated, 3-D-printed tissue-engineering scaffolds with ...

Materials Science Feb 04, 2020

New hydrogels wither while stem cells flourish for tissue repair

Baby diapers, contact lenses and gelatin dessert. While seemingly unrelated, these items have one thing in common—they're made of highly absorbent substances called hydrogels that have versatile applications. Recently, ...

Bio & Medicine Feb 04, 2020

Using bone's natural electricity to promote regeneration

Some materials show promise promoting bone regeneration by enhancing its natural electrical properties, according to a review in the journal Science and Technology of Advanced Materials.

Biotechnology Feb 20, 2020

Microchannel network hydrogel-induced ischemic blood perfusion connection

Controlled angiogenesis (growth of new blood vessels) at damaged sites is an unresolved issue in the clinical setting. Most attempts include local treatment with pro-angiogenic molecules,Jo although the approach can induce ...

Biotechnology Jan 29, 2020

Molecular motors direct the fate of stem cells

Scientists at the University of Groningen and the University Medical Center Groningen used molecular motors to manipulate the protein matrix on which bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells are grown. Rotating motors altered ...

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