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Nanophysics Oct 20, 2020

Energy scavenging nanogenerator finds power all around us

Imagine a mobile phone charger that doesn't need a wireless or mains power source. Or a pacemaker with inbuilt organic energy sources within the human body.

Astronomy Oct 21, 2020

AI and photonics join forces to make it easier to find 'new Earths'

Australian scientists have developed a new type of sensor to measure and correct the distortion of starlight caused by viewing through the Earth's atmosphere, which should make it easier to study the possibility of life on ...

Earth Sciences Oct 22, 2020

New technology finds long-hidden quakes and possible clues about how earthquakes evolve

Measures of Earth's vibrations zigged and zagged across Mostafa Mousavi's screen one morning in Memphis, Tenn. As part of his Ph.D. studies in geophysics, he sat scanning earthquake signals recorded the night before, verifying ...

Quantum Physics Oct 23, 2020

Time crystals lead researchers to future computational work

Time crystals sound like something out of science fiction, but they may be the next major leap in quantum network research. A team based in Japan has proposed a method to use time crystals to simulate massive networks with ...

Materials Science Oct 22, 2020

New approach could lead to designed plastics with specific properties

Imagine a plastic bag that can carry home your groceries, then quickly degrade, without harming the environment. Or a super-strong, lightweight plastic for airplanes, rockets, and satellites that can replace traditional structural ...

Earth Sciences Oct 21, 2020

Researchers develop machine learning model that will support safe and accurate decision making for the Halifax Harbour

Researchers at Dalhousie and ocean data analytics innovation environment DeepSense have developed a machine learning method for predicting wind speed and wave height measurements. Such measurements support safe and more accurate ...

Economics & Business Oct 21, 2020

Study: COVID speeds up human vs machine standoff over work

As automation and online work gain ground, organizers of the annual Davos forum are projecting employers will split work equally between machines and people by 2025, with the coronavirus pandemic accelerating changes in the ...

Molecular & Computational biology Oct 19, 2020

AI methods of analysing social networks find new cell types in tissue

In situ sequencing enables gene activity inside body tissues to be depicted in microscope images. To facilitate interpretation of the vast quantities of information generated, Uppsala University researchers have now developed ...

General Physics Sep 25, 2020

Provably exact artificial intelligence for nuclear and particle physics

The Standard Model of particle physics describes all the known elementary particles and three of the four fundamental forces governing the universe; everything except gravity. These three forces—electromagnetic, strong, ...

Earth Sciences Oct 14, 2020

Deep learning artificial intelligence keeps an eye on volcano movements

RADAR satellites can collect massive amounts of remote sensing data that can detect ground movements—surface defomations—at volcanoes in near real time. These ground movements could signal impending volcanic activity ...

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