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Earth Sciences Jun 11, 2019

21st century archaeology has rediscovered historical Cordoba

On the land where Cordoba is located in the 21st century, two cities coexisted in the past, each on a hill. An Iberian city was located where Cruz Conde Park lies today, and a Roman city, which was founded at a later time, ...

Archaeology & Fossils Jun 12, 2019

Rising sea levels destroyed evidence of shell middens at many prehistoric coastal sites

Archaeological remains of coastal occupation in the form of shell middens are commonly found on today's shorelines, and evidence for shellfish as a food source goes back 164,000 years. Within this time frame, sea-levels changed ...

Archaeology & Fossils Jun 10, 2019

The Neolithic precedents of gender inequality

Researchers from the Department of Prehistory and Archaeology at the University of Seville have studied the archaeological evidence of prehistoric societies in the Neolithic Period in the Iberian Peninsula from the perspective ...

Archaeology & Fossils Jun 11, 2019

Team puts an ancient spin on a new digital currency

Cryptocurrency might seem like a next-generation idea, but two University of Oregon researchers say it has roots in the past.

Archaeology & Fossils Jun 13, 2019

New statistical formulas for assigning sex to fossils

The CENIEH researcher Adrián Pablos is co-author of a paper which offers a methodology for assigning the sex to fossils of Homo sapiens and opens up the possibility of applying it to species other than our own, as well as ...

Plants & Animals Jun 10, 2019

Ancient DNA from Roman and medieval grape seeds reveal ancestry of wine making

A grape variety still used in wine production in France today can be traced back 900 years to just one ancestral plant, scientists have discovered.

Archaeology & Fossils Jun 12, 2019

The origins of cannabis smoking: Marijuana use in the first millennium BC

Cannabis has been cultivated for millennia in East Asia as an oil-seed and fibre crop. Little is known, however, about the early use and eventual cultivation of the plant for its psychoactive and medicinal properties. Despite ...

Archaeology & Fossils Jun 12, 2019

Diet at the docks: Living and dying at the port of ancient Rome

Portus Romae was established in the middle of the first century AD and for well over 400 years was Rome's gateway to the Mediterranean. The port played a key role in funnelling imports—e.g. foodstuffs, wild animals, marble ...

Archaeology & Fossils Jun 12, 2019

The short life of Must Farm

Must Farm, an extraordinarily well-preserved Late Bronze Age settlement in Cambridgeshire, in the East of England, drew attention in national and international media in 2016 as 'Britain's Pompeii' or the 'Pompeii of the Fens'. ...

Archaeology & Fossils Jun 11, 2019

Breakthrough in the discovery of DNA in ancient bones buried in water

Fresh evidence rewrites the understanding of the most intriguing archaeological burial site in western Finland. New DNA technology gives significant information on the bones buried in water. The DNA matches that of present ...

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