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Cell & Microbiology Mar 19, 2021

Chemists gain new insights into the behavior of water in an influenza virus channel

In a new study of water dynamics, a team of MIT chemists led by Professor Mei Hong, in collaboration with Associate Professor Adam Willard, has discovered that water in an ion channel is anisotropic, or partially aligned. ...

General Physics Mar 19, 2021

Demonstrating the world's fastest spintronics p-bit

Tohoku University researchers have, for the first time, developed the technology for the nanosecond operation of the spintronics-based probabilistic bit (p-bit)—dubbed "the poor man's quantum bit" (q-bit).

Optics & Photonics Mar 03, 2021

Molybdenum disulfide ushers in era of post-silicon photonics

Researchers of the Center for Photonics and Two-Dimensional Materials at MIPT, together with their colleagues from Spain, Great Britain, Sweden, and Singapore, including co-creator of the world's first 2-D material and Nobel ...

Earth Sciences Mar 03, 2021

Scientists dig deep to reveal Earth's hidden layer

It's an idea worthy of a Jules Verne novel; a mysterious layer at the center of our planet.

General Physics Feb 26, 2021

Study reveals cause of 3-D asymmetry in inertial confinement fusion implosions

Inertial confinement fusion (ICF) implosions require very high levels of symmetry in order to reach the high densities and temperatures required for fusion induced self-heating. Even percent-level deviations from perfect ...

Earth Sciences Feb 16, 2021

Subduction may recycle less water than thought

When one tectonic plate dives beneath another at a subduction zone, it recycles huge amounts of water and other chemicals into Earth's mantle. The sinking plate carries seawater trapped in sediments and crust or chemically ...

Superconductivity Feb 15, 2021

Two-dimensional superconductivity and anisotropic transport at potassium tantalate interfaces

Unique electronic structures found at materials interfaces can allow unconventional quantum states to emerge. In a new report on Science, Changjiang Liu and a research team at the Argonne National Laboratory, University of ...

Condensed Matter Feb 05, 2021

Bimeronium: A new member of the topological spin textures family

Topological spin textures in magnetic systems are intriguing objects that exhibit exotic physics and have potential applications in information storage and processing. The most fundamental and exemplary topological spin texture ...

General Physics Feb 01, 2021

Ultralow magnetic damping of a common metallic ferromagnetic film

Ultralow damping is of key importance for spintronic and spin-orbitronic applications in a range of magnetic materials. However, the number of materials that are suited for charge-based spintronic and spin-orbitronic applications ...

Materials Science Jan 13, 2021

Anisotropy of surface oxide formation influences the transient activity of a surface reaction

Metal surfaces play a role as catalysts for many important applications—from fuel cells to the purification of car exhaust gases. However, their behavior is decisively affected by oxygen atoms incorporated into the surface.

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