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Soft Matter Oct 20, 2020

Keeping COVID-19 out of classrooms: Open windows, use glass screens in front of desks

As the COVID-19 virus continues to spread around the globe, studying aerosol and droplet transport within different environments can help establish effective, physics-informed measures for virus mitigation. One of the most ...

Earth Sciences Oct 19, 2020

Earth observation instruments pass review

As part of the atmospheric environment monitoring satellite (DQ-1) programs, the Environmental Trace Gas Monitoring Instrument (EMI-II) and Particulate Observing Scanning Polarization (POSP) passed the delivery acceptance ...

Environment Oct 20, 2020

Antarctic ozone hole is one of the largest and deepest in recent years

Measurements from the Copernicus Sentinel-5P satellite show that this year's ozone hole over the Antarctic is one of the largest and deepest in recent years. A detailed analyses from the German Aerospace Center indicates ...

Earth Sciences Oct 06, 2020

Revising climate models with new aerosol field data

Smoke from the many wildfires burning in the West have made air quality hazardous for millions of people in the United States. And it is the very tiniest of the aerosol particles in that air that make it particularly harmful ...

Earth Sciences Oct 02, 2020

Aerosol instrument starts measurement campaign in European airspace

SRON's aerosol instrument SPEX Airborne is spreading its wings again. On October 2, it will start a series of measurement flights across Europe onboard a Falcon-20 research aircraft. SPEX Airborne will measure aerosols in ...

Earth Sciences Oct 01, 2020

Climate: Iodic acid influences cloud formation at the North Pole

The Arctic is warming two or three times faster than the rest of the planet. This amplified warming is due to several factors, but the relative importance of each one remains still unclear. "We do know, however, that clouds ...

Environment Sep 29, 2020

China's air pollutant reduction success could make it tougher to control climate change

China's success in improving air quality by cutting polluting emissions may have a negative knock-on effect on climate change overall, a new study has found.

Environment Oct 14, 2020

As smoke from forest fires ages in the atmosphere its toxicity increases

Natural occurring wildfires create large smoke plumes that are transported several hundred miles away in the atmosphere exposing many people to pollutants that affect public health.

Earth Sciences Oct 02, 2020

A better understanding of how cirrus clouds form

New research provides insights into how cirrus clouds form, with implications for agriculture, urban development and climate-change predictions. The study shows that trees and plants play an important role that affects precipitation ...

Earth Sciences Oct 13, 2020

Unique view into the 'new Arctic': International MOSAiC expedition successfully completed

Bremerhaven/Leipzig. With the return of the Polarstern, the largest Arctic expedition of all times has come to a successful end. For more than a year, the German research icebreaker traveled in 5 cruise legs with more than ...

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