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Materials Science 10 hours ago

New materials help expand volumetric 3-D printing

Researchers at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) have adapted a new class of materials for their groundbreaking volumetric 3-D printing method that produces objects nearly instantly, greatly expanding the range ...

Nanophysics 5 hours ago

Researchers develop artificial cell on a chip

Researchers at the University of Basel have developed a precisely controllable system for mimicking biochemical reaction cascades in cells. Using microfluidic technology, they produce miniature polymeric reaction containers ...

General Physics 6 hours ago

Topology gets magnetic: The new wave of topological magnetic materials

The electronic structure of nonmagnetic crystals can be classified by complete theories of band topology, reminiscent of a "topological periodic table." However, such a classification for magnetic materials has so far been ...

Optics & Photonics 4 hours ago

Infrared light antenna powers molecular motor

Light-controlled molecular motors can be used to create functional materials to provide autonomous motion, or in systems that can respond on command. For biological applications, this requires the motors to be driven by low-energy, ...

Space Exploration 10 hours ago

ESA seeking dust-proof materials for lunar return

When humans return to the moon, they'll have formidable challenge lying in wait: lunar dust. The talcum-like lunar regolith is considered the biggest operational problem facing moon colonists. Within a few days of dust exposure, ...

Other 5 hours ago

The chemistry behind self-driving cars

Self-driving, electric cars have been touted as the next big thing in transportation. While this technology has progressed in recent years, experts caution that automakers will need the chemical industry to help make it a ...

Biochemistry Oct 27, 2020

Study shows how tiny compartments could have preceded cells

One of the most important questions in science is how life began on Earth.

Quantum Physics 8 hours ago

Weak equivalence principle violated in gravitational waves

The Weak equivalence principle (WEP) is a key aspect of classical physics. It states that when particles are in freefall, the trajectories they follow are entirely independent of their masses. However, it is not yet clear ...

Materials Science Oct 26, 2020

Odds are good for unique 2-D compound

Engineers at Rice University and Texas A&M University have found a 2-D material that could make computers faster and more energy-efficient.

Materials Science Oct 22, 2020

Collaboration sparks new model for ceramic conductivity

As insulators, metal oxides—also known as ceramics—may not seem like obvious candidates for electrical conductivity. While electrons zip back and forth in regular metals, their movement in ceramic materials is sluggish ...

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