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Ecology Apr 26, 2024

Nature conservation works, and we're getting better at it, says new study

To work in nature conservation is to battle a headwind of bad news. When the overwhelming picture indicates the natural world is in decline, is there any room for optimism? Well, our new global study has some good news: we ...

Ecology Apr 25, 2024

First-of-its-kind study shows that conservation actions are effective at halting and reversing biodiversity loss

A study published April 25, in the journal Science provides the strongest evidence to date that not only is nature conservation successful, but that scaling conservation interventions up would be transformational for halting ...

Plants & Animals Apr 3, 2024

Year-old seadragons make debut at California aquarium

More than a decade ago, Leslee Matsushige traveled to Australia to "study seadragons in the wild."

Plants & Animals Mar 25, 2024

Citizen scientists contribute vital information about 35 seahorse species

Thanks to diligent observers, seahorses, those enigmatic and charismatic fish, are not only being discovered in new habitats and expanded geographic ranges, they are also being found at new ocean depths. While their capacity ...

Plants & Animals Jan 8, 2024

Male pregnancy and weird courtship wiggles: How NZ's wide-bodied pipefish confounds expectations

If you've ever watched a natural history program on TV, you've probably seen animals performing a wide variety of behaviors to get the attention of the opposite sex.

Plants & Animals Oct 25, 2023

Tiny and mysterious: Research sheds light on sub-Saharan Africa's seahorses, pipefish and pipehorses

Seahorses are considered fabled creatures by many; something that only exists in old mythical tales of the ocean. But these curious animals really exist—and they're not the only members of the Syngnathidae family of fishes. ...

Plants & Animals Sep 23, 2023

Sex life discovery raises IVF hope for endangered purple cauliflower soft coral

Vital coastal habitat was destroyed in the devastating floods that hit New South Wales in 2021 and 2022.

Plants & Animals Sep 20, 2023

New research findings: Understanding the sex life of coral gives hope of clawing it back from the path to extinction

For the first time, scientists have mapped the reproductive strategies and life cycle of an endangered coral species, offering hope it can be clawed back from the path to extinction.

Earth Sciences Aug 16, 2023

The Gulf of Mexico is record hot. Here's what that means for hurricanes, wildlife

Neil Lynch started his Saturday morning like any other: He stopped his car at Belleair Beach, griped about the hourly parking fee and set off on a 5-mile walk.

Cell & Microbiology Jul 24, 2023

Study identifies gene conferring novel function to seahorse brood pouch

Teleost fish encompass a diverse group, among which seahorses display a unique morphology. The characteristic spines and brood pouch seen in seahorses feature distinctive epithelial cells—called flame cone cells—covered ...

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