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Internet 47 minutes ago

You could be unknowingly loading malicious content from 'trusted' sites

New research from CSIRO's Data61, the data and digital specialist arm of Australia's national science agency, questions the "trustability" of websites and in a world first quantifies the extent to which the trust model of ...

Ecology 2 hours ago

How to prevent mosquitofish from spreading in water ecosystems

Preventing the introduction of the mosquitofish and removing its population are the most effective actions to control the dispersal of this exotic fish in ponds and lakes, according to a study published in the journal Science ...

Bio & Medicine 6 hours ago

Gold-coated fungi are the new gold diggers

The thread-like fungi attach gold to their strands by dissolving and precipitating particles from their surroundings, in a process that could offer clues for finding new gold deposits.

Plants & Animals 1 hour ago

Exploring the history of the apple from its wild origins

Recent archaeological finds of ancient preserved apple seeds across Europe and West Asia combined with historical, paleontological, and recently published genetic data are presenting a fascinating new narrative for one of ...

Robotics 1 hour ago

Better together: Human and robot co-workers more efficient, less accident-prone

More and more processes are being automated and digitized. Self-driving delivery vehicles, such as forklifts, are finding their way into many areas—and companies are reporting potential time and cost savings. However, an ...

Materials Science 2 hours ago

Scientists create new aluminum alloy with flexibility, strength, lightness

Aluminum is one of the most promising materials for aeronautics and automobile industry. Scientists from the National University of Science and Technology (MISIS) found a simple and efficient way of strengthening aluminum-based ...

Plants & Animals 2 hours ago

To save biodiversity and feed the future, first cure 'plant blindness'

From our perches in the urban jungle—or even in the leafier parts of suburbia—we often have a tough time naming the last plant we saw. Even if we just ate part of it. This is a symptom of "plant blindness," a term coined ...

Space Exploration 5 hours ago

NASA's Mars 2020 gets a dose of space here on Earth

NASA's Mars 2020 spacecraft has completed acoustic and thermal vacuum (TVAC) testing at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California. The acoustic test of the spacecraft that will carry the Mars 2020 rover to a soft ...

General Physics 18 hours ago

Nobel-winning physicist Murray Gell-Man dies at 89

Murray Gell-Mann, the Nobel Prize-winning physicist who brought order to the universe by helping discover and classify subatomic particles, has died at the age of 89.

Social Sciences May 23, 2019

New report lays groundwork for improving social and behavioral science impact metrics

While measurement of science impact has traditionally been synonymous with citation counts in academic journals, such counts fail to capture the influence that research can have on policy, practice, and the public. While ...

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