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Cell & Microbiology 45 minutes ago

Researchers find how cells move while avoiding adhesion

Cell velocity, or how fast a cell moves, is known to depend on how sticky the surface is beneath it, but the precise mechanisms of this relationship have remained elusive for decades. Now, researchers from the Max Delbrück ...

Plants & Animals 45 minutes ago

Latch, load and release: Elastic motion makes click beetles click, study finds

Click beetles can propel themselves more than 20 body lengths into the air, and they do so without using their legs. While the jump's motion has been studied in depth, the physical mechanisms that enable the beetles' signature ...

Cell & Microbiology 45 minutes ago

Lasers and molecular tethers create perfectly patterned platforms for tissue engineering

Imagine going to a surgeon to have a diseased or injured organ switched out for a fully functional, laboratory-grown replacement. This remains science fiction and not reality because researchers today struggle to organize ...

Earth Sciences 4 hours ago

Researchers: Climate change will alter the position of the Earth's tropical rain belt

Future climate change will cause a regionally uneven shifting of the tropical rain belt—a narrow band of heavy precipitation near the equator—according to researchers at the University of California, Irvine and other ...

Ecology 4 hours ago

A new archaeology for the Anthropocene era

Indiana Jones and Lara Croft have a lot to answer for. Public perceptions of archaeology are often thoroughly outdated, and these characterisations do little to help. Archaeology as practiced today bears virtually no resemblance ...

Biotechnology 4 hours ago

New computational tool reliably differentiates between cancer and normal cells from single-cell RNA-sequencing data

In an effort to address a major challenge when analyzing large single-cell RNA-sequencing datasets, researchers from The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center have developed a new computational technique to accurately ...

Plants & Animals 5 hours ago

Female resident orcas especially disturbed by vessels, new research shows

Female orcas are most thrown off from foraging when boats and vessels intrude closer than 400 yards, according to new research—troubling findings for the endangered population of southern resident orcas that desperately ...

General Physics 5 hours ago

New mathematical model: How dangerous bacteria form colonies

It can be observed every time you take a shower: Small droplets of water join together to form larger and larger drops—until they are so heavy that they run down the wall. Scientists call this daily-life phenomenon coalescence—which ...

Plants & Animals 5 hours ago

Hepatitis D: How the virus made the jump from animals to humans

Pandemics past and present have been caused when pathogens – germs that cause disease—move between animals and humans, as SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19) did when it made its way from bats to people. But not ...

Biochemistry 5 hours ago

New research could lead to more treatment options for diabetes patients

For the first time, scientists have come up with a precise atomic level explanation for why glulisine- a commonly used medication to treat diabetes- is faster acting than insulin.

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