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Environment 4 hours ago

Small Arctic coastal waterbodies, with big carbon release

Arctic coastal watersheds are some of the most threatened regions on Earth, having undergone substantial climatic, physical and biological changes with the warming of the Earth, scientists have found.

Earth Sciences Jun 01, 2020

Virus buffets largest Arctic expedition in history

The multinational team on the biggest Arctic research mission ever undertaken were prepared for problems from polar bear attacks to major snowstorms or even issues with building a runway on ice.

Space Exploration May 27, 2020

The costly collateral damage from Elon Musk's Starlink satellite fleet

A colossal chess game of immense consequences is being fought in outer space, right now. On March 18 and April 22 2020, two rockets from SpaceX, owned by billionaire Elon Musk, each put 60 satellites into orbit. Those launches ...

Earth Sciences May 15, 2020

Image: Tiny NASA satellite captures first image of clouds and aerosols

The Hyper-Angular Rainbow Polarimeter (HARP) CubeSat achieved "first light" on April 16. The tiny satellite sent back its very first image over Europe with bright splashes of colors defining clouds and aerosols, which are ...

Ecology May 14, 2020

Scientists discover why some birds live fast and die young

Size, safety and parenting all have an impact on how quickly a species of bird matures, according to new research from the University of Sheffield that could help scientists to understand and predict how animals will respond ...

Astronomy May 11, 2020

A multilayer haze system on Saturn's hexagon

A rich variety of meteorological phenomena takes place in the extensive hydrogen atmosphere of Saturn, a world about 10 times the size of the Earth. They help us to better understand similar features in the Earth's atmosphere. ...

Nanophysics May 08, 2020

Researchers map tiny twists in magic-angle graphene

Made of a single layer of carbon atoms linked in a hexagonal honeycomb pattern, graphene's structure is simple and seemingly delicate. Since its discovery in 2004, scientists have found that graphene is in fact exceptionally ...

Ecology May 07, 2020

Benthos in the Antarctic Weddell Sea in decline

Over the past quarter-century, changes in Antarctic sea-ice cover have had profound impacts on life on the ocean floor. As biologists from the Alfred Wegener Institute report in the latest issue of the journal Nature Communications, ...

Earth Sciences May 05, 2020

Drifting through the ice on board a polar climate research vessel

More than two months ago, EPFL researcher Julia Schmale joined the crew of the Polarstern, a German research icebreaker that has been drifting slowly through the frozen waters starting north of Siberia towards Svalbard since ...

Earth Sciences May 04, 2020

Arctic 'shorefast' sea ice threatened by climate change, study finds

For people who live in the Arctic, sea ice that forms along shorelines is a vital resource that connects isolated communities and provides access to hunting and fishing grounds. A new study by Brown University researchers ...

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