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Earth Sciences Sep 29, 2023

Ancient plant wax reveals how global warming affects methane in Arctic lakes

By studying fossils from ancient aquatic plants, Northwestern University and University of Wyoming (UW) researchers are gaining a better understanding of how methane produced in Arctic lakes might affect—and be affected ...

Astrobiology Sep 26, 2023

Why build megastructures? Just move planets around to make habitable worlds

In 1960, Freeman Dyson proposed how advanced civilizations could create megastructures that enclosed their system, allowing them to harness all of their star's energy and multiplying the habitable space they could occupy. ...

Space Exploration Sep 20, 2023

Juice: Why's it taking so long?

At their closest point in orbit, Earth and Jupiter are separated by almost 600 million kilometers. At the time of writing, five months after launch, Juice has already traveled 370 million kilometers, yet in time it's only ...

Environment Sep 6, 2023

Q&A: Rather than colonizing space, humankind needs to commit itself to saving the planet

Every day seems to bring news of multiplying ecological disasters—fires, floods, drought, deforestation, overfishing and coral reef die-offs.

Space Exploration Aug 29, 2023

NASA's New Horizons mission still threatened

The New Horizons spacecraft that studied Pluto and Kuiper belt object Arrokoth continues its pioneering exploration of the Kuiper belt. However, that might soon end if NASA doesn't change course. The New Horizons science ...

Astronomy Aug 21, 2023

Webb reveals intricate details in the remains of a dying star

NASA's James Webb Space Telescope obtained images of the Ring Nebula, one of the best-known examples of a planetary nebula. Much like the Southern Ring Nebula, one of Webb's first images, the Ring Nebula displays intricate ...

Other Aug 19, 2023

Saturday Citations: Ancient anarchists, filthy tycoons and a new state of matter

This week on, we published news about ancient anarchists, a hidden phase transition, dark matter developments, hot oceans and pollution taxes.

Astronomy Aug 17, 2023

New Horizons is so far away, it can measure the true darkness of the universe

Just how dark is the night sky?

Plants & Animals Aug 7, 2023

Warning sting on Asia's bee pollinators

Bee pollinators are a crucial link to food production and food security for more than have the world's population living in Asia—but few species have been closely studied or assessed for their range, numbers and conservation ...

Earth Sciences Aug 2, 2023

Dune patterns reveal environmental change on Earth and other planets

Dunes, the mounds of sand formed by the wind that vary from ripples on the beach to towering behemoths in the desert, are incarnations of surface processes, climate change, and the surrounding atmosphere. For decades, scientists ...

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