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Space Exploration Apr 22, 2021

Catch comet R4 ATLAS as it nears Earth

Looking to do some springtime astronomy? With temperatures warming up in the northern hemisphere in April through May, galaxy season is upon us. At dusk, the area in the Bowl of Virgo asterism rising in the east is rife with ...

Space Exploration Apr 19, 2021

NASA's New Horizons reaches a rare space milestone

In the weeks following its launch in early 2006, when NASA's New Horizons was still close to home, it took just minutes to transmit a command to the spacecraft, and hear back that the onboard computer received and was ready ...

Space Exploration Apr 09, 2021

NASA selects innovative, early-stage tech concepts for continued study

JPL's Lunar Crater Radio Telescope advanced concept is among the projects that have been selected for further research and development.

Space Exploration Mar 17, 2021

Scientists determine the origin of extra-solar object 'Oumuamua

In 2017, the first interstellar object from beyond our solar system was discovered via the Pan-STARRS astronomical observatory in Hawaii. It was named 'Oumuamua, meaning "scout" or "messenger" in Hawaiian. The object was ...

Astrobiology Mar 16, 2021

Researcher theorizes worlds with underground oceans support, conceal life

One of the most profound discoveries in planetary science over the past 25 years is that worlds with oceans beneath layers of rock and ice are common in our solar system. Such worlds include the icy satellites of the giant ...

Astronomy Feb 22, 2021

Binary stars are all around us, new map of solar neighborhood shows

The latest star data from the Gaia space observatory has for the first time allowed astronomers to generate a massive 3-D atlas of widely separated binary stars within about 3,000 light years of Earth—1.3 million of them.

Astronomy Feb 16, 2021

In search of super-Earths: Spectrograph CRIRES+ at ESO's Very Large Telescope

The astronomy research instrument CRIRES+ is designed to study planets outside our solar system. It is now in operation at the Very Large Telescope (VLT) of the European Southern Observatory (ESO). The Institute of Astrophysics ...

Astronomy Feb 10, 2021

Astronomers confirm orbit of most distant object ever observed in our solar system

A team of astronomers, including associate professor Chad Trujillo of Northern Arizona University's Department of Astronomy and Planetary Science, have confirmed a planetoid that is almost four times farther from the Sun ...

Space Exploration Feb 09, 2021

Jupiter's Trojan asteroids offer surprises

A new study out this month suggests that Jupiter's Trojan asteroids may be more peculiar than previously thought. The Trojan asteroids are rocky objects which orbit the sun just ahead of and just behind the gas giant, in ...

Astronomy Jan 28, 2021

First evidence that water can be created on the lunar surface by Earth's magnetosphere

Before the Apollo era, the moon was thought to be dry as a desert due to the extreme temperatures and harshness of the space environment. Many studies have since discovered lunar water: ice in shadowed polar craters, water ...

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