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Ecology 24 minutes ago

Predatory insects protect apples from pests when flowers are planted on farms, finds study

Bugs including hoverflies, lacewings and ladybirds play an important role in keeping Britain's apples healthy, a new study has shown.

Environment 2 hours ago

In an interconnected world, managing and perceiving risk is key, experts say

The world is becoming increasingly interconnected, which has many benefits. Shoppers in Colorado, for instance, can enjoy tropical fruits in the dead of winter, thanks to vast and complex trade networks.

Environment 7 hours ago

US nuclear weapons plant says open as normal after wildfires closure

A nuclear weapons plant in the US state of Texas said it would be open as usual on Wednesday after raging wildfires caused it to pause operations and led to evacuations in the area.

Plants & Animals 18 hours ago

Walleye struggle with changes to timing of spring thaw, researchers find

Walleye are one of the most sought-after species in freshwater sportfishing, a delicacy on Midwestern menus and a critically important part of the culture of many Indigenous communities. They are also struggling to survive ...

Plants & Animals 18 hours ago

Projected climate change scenarios portend the disappearance of the Balearic boxwood

The Balearic boxwood (Buxus balearica), a species common in eastern Andalusia, is able to trap moisture from the fog and convey it to the ground, making it a valuable tool in times of drought.

Earth Sciences 19 hours ago

Tsunami on the plains: Researchers find that sea waves once swept Canadian Prairie Provinces

Hundreds of millions of years ago, an earthquake sent a series of massive waves across the ancient sea that covered part of Western Canada and the northern United States.

Agriculture 20 hours ago

Costa Rica coffee farmers innovate as rainfall plummets

Costa Rican coffee farmers were once blessed with abundant rains but as precipitation grows fickle they are being forced to innovate to keep producing one of the world's favorite brews.

Ecology 21 hours ago

Even modern hydropower plants pose major threat to river habitats, finds study

Even modern and supposedly gentler hydropower plants cause considerable damage to river ecosystems. This is shown by a study by Prof. J├╝rgen Geist from the Chair of Aquatic Systems Biology at the TUM School of Life Sciences ...

Molecular & Computational biology 22 hours ago

Growth regulator 5-aminolevulinic acid enhances the cold resistance of tomato plants

Low temperature stress, as one of the main abiotic stresses, severely hinders plant growth and has adverse effects on crop yield and quality. 5-Aminolevulinic acid (ALA), a growth regulator widely present in animals and plants, ...

Earth Sciences 22 hours ago

Our breathing Earth: A review of soil respiration science

The ground beneath our feet is exhaling. Steadily and without pause, through a process called soil respiration, plant roots and microbes release carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere.

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