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Plants & Animals 7 hours ago

Common liverwort study has implications for crop manipulation

A new study on genetic pathways in the common liverwort could have future implications for crop manipulation.

Plants & Animals 13 hours ago

Shifts in flowering phases of plants due to reduced insect density

It still sounds unlikely today, but declines in insect numbers could well make it a frequent occurrence in the future: fields full of flowers, but not a bee in sight.

Plants & Animals 14 hours ago

Researchers find 'sweet spot' for kiwifruit pollination

Plant & Food Research scientists and collaborators from the U.S. have compiled more than 30 years of field-based data from kiwifruit research to create "digital twins" of pollination processes in kiwifruit orchards, and have ...

Biochemistry Oct 22, 2020

Plant defense layer has unexpected effect on volatile compounds, study finds

A Purdue University biochemist and her colleagues have pioneered new methods for increasing production of volatile compounds important for plant defenses and for use in biofuels, pharmaceuticals and other products. While ...

Plants & Animals Oct 21, 2020

Study finds go-to hormone for cycad propagation ineffective

The newly published thesis research of University of Guam Master of Environmental Science graduate Benjamin Deloso now adds to the body of knowledge about asexual propagation of the most endangered plant group in the world, ...

Ecology Oct 20, 2020

Restoring seagrasses can bring coastal bays back to life

A century ago Virginia's coastal lagoons were a natural paradise. Fishing boats bobbed on the waves as geese flocked overhead. Beneath the surface, miles of seagrass gently swayed in the surf, making the seabed look like ...

Plants & Animals Oct 20, 2020

Insights into a tiny insect that causes big damage

The western flower thrips—an invasive insect that's not much bigger than a pinhead—takes a huge bite out of agriculture around the world, racking up billions of dollars' worth of damage on a wide range of food, fiber ...

Plants & Animals Oct 19, 2020

Cheaters don't always win: Species that work together do better

The sign of a healthy personal relationship is one that is equally mutual—where you get out just as much as you put in. Nature has its own version of a healthy relationship. Known as mutualisms, they are interactions between ...

Ecology Oct 16, 2020

Scientists develop model to identify best lentils for climate change impacts

With demand for lentils growing globally and climate change driving temperatures higher, a University of Saskatchewan-led international research team has developed a model for predicting which varieties of the pulse crop ...

Ecology Oct 15, 2020

Bark beetle outbreaks benefit wild bee populations, habitat

When southern Rocky Mountain forests are viewed from a distance these days, it may not look like much is left. Large swaths of dead, standing Engelmann spruce trees tell the tale of a severe regional spruce beetle epidemic ...

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